June 29th, 2005

Random - Garbo


Note the mood icon.

I am angry, but I can't pinpoint why.  I've been irritatingly mood-swingy all day, changing from annoyed to upset to tired to irritated (etc, etc) approximately every thirty seconds.  And I would be on the bus to Paul's right now, but he had a friend crisis so we had to cancel, and thus the entire week is now a write-off because we're both irritible and bad company.

So I'm not going to see him til Monday, most likely. :(

Today wasn't too bad, as days go.  Just the usual aggravation and being-made-to-feel-worthless/useless/stupid, which was obviously heightened by feeling generally crap.

This entry was going to be longer and a lot more self-pitying, but like most acts of inspiration lately, it ran away somewhere between my brain and my fingertips.  I'm yearning to write things; I'll pick up a pen to scribble stuff down, and then throw it away in frustration not ten seconds later because I forgot why I was trying in the first place.

The self-pity's annoying, though, so be grateful I didn't bother.

I might attempt to write up the disturbing dream I had last night if I can remember it...
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