July 1st, 2005

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Stolen from frightened, because it'll keep me entertained for the weekend:

If you leave a comment, I will draw one of your interests VERY BADLY in paint. I can't draw even with an actual pencil, and I only have access to a touchpad [bunged-up] really-difficult-to-use mouse, so I cannot emphasise the VERY BADLY enough. EXTREMELY APPALLING and almost certainly BARELY RECOGNISEABLE interests, that's what's on offer.

You know you want to.
JC - cockroach OTP - J/M


Well, sort of.

I just spent the past 3 hours going through my wardrobe, hanging rail and top drawer clearing out various bits and pieces. The end result is thus:

1) My wardrobe closes
2) I can get to most of the things I want to wear
3) My  winter coats are stored tidily out of the way
4) I can see what's in my t-shirt drawer
5) I appear to have lost one boot. This is most inconvenient.  I mean, how do you lose one boot?

So, productive.  I was going to tidy the surfaces, too (top of drawers, desk, etc.) but if I don't have some food soon I'm going to collapse, and my knees are refusing to function.  So I'll do it tomorrow.

I have also done some washing, so now my room smells of detergent.

Nice weather for a cocktail party, innit? ;)