July 2nd, 2005

Random - Absinthe!


It comes to my attention:  I am very, very glad I didn't go to the shindig last night.

You mad, mad drunken people.

Oooh, Semagic auto-detected my current music. Clever little thing.
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Photo - leaves

Random photo post.

I just went through all my entries (backwards) to January of this year and tagged them.  Only four more years' worth to get through.  *eyeroll*

Several people are graduating very shortly, and I remembered that I didn't actually get around to sharing the photos from mine back in January.  So, here's a selection.

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I'll get the camera out at some point and take a photo of the actual photograph, as it's all been framed and I don't have a functional scanner as yet.  So, yes.  That was my graduation.