July 9th, 2005

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Just a very quick one. Proper update at a later date as I am currently being attacked... Met up with herringprincess for lunch and then wandered for a bit, ending up at the Stage for a drink (the one just outside the Wetherspoon's under the library). Cue a man on a mobile phone demanding that everyone leave as they were evacuating the City Centre.

So we headed to Broad Street and started walking, and after chatting to a Friendly Policeman, were informed to get off the main road and out of town. They'd also stopped all the buses.

So we started walking again, and finally a 128 turned up (there's luck; a bus I can actually get home...), apparently the only bus still going out of Brum.

Bomb scare, apparently.

There's nothing on the news yet, of course. After all, we're only in Birmingham...
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