July 10th, 2005

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Proper update.

I just received some bad news, so I may forget things, but here's what's been happening this weekend.  Some of this should probably be filtered and put in separate posts, but I can't be bothered.

Mood swings were in full force again on Friday.  Laura (rubytitania) was leaving the Council and hence the forum, so she sent around a mass email to say goodbye.  I got people to make their signatures large and orange to send her on her way, and we coloured an entire thread ginger. Anyway, the email eventually got completely random because of a repeated bad pun on my username (don't ask), the end result being that my mood swang drastically from 'okay' to 'GAH!' in the space of about three minutes.  It was most likely not related to the tennis itself, but the tennis didn't help with the aggravation by that point.  It then led to my making a comment via another tennis to Paul and freaking him the Hell out for the rest of the night.  Wonderful.

MGM was fun.  I spent a vast amount of time chatting/listening in to the conversation between Mikey, Laura, Russian!Tom and Emily, as well as running into Katie, who was temping at Ladywood when I started.  Which was weird, as her hair's all different now...  Paul spent about an hour and a half talking to Ben about life, the universe and everything, or so it seemed, and by about 9.30 or thereabouts he was also thoroughly drunk and attempting to have a Serious Conversation with me while I tried vehemently to avoid the subject entirely.  The conversation carried on in to the bus journey back to mine and for another half an hour or so after that.  Really not fun.  But it all seems okay now and it's cleared the air, but I never want to have that conversation again.  Moreover, I said to Eni a while back I never want to be the cause of that expression on his face again after the first time, which I failed quite horrendously to manage.

Met up with herringprincess, as mentioned, and got caught up in the bomb scare.  Birmingham, like London, appears mostly unphased and back to normal not even 24 hours later.  Yay for British stiff-upper-lip.

Before this, we were having yet more Scary Conversations.  I mean, really.  I also had a very disturbing dream that I now mostly can't remember, but it led into discussions of buying small children for £3.80 a pop and eating boy stew, as well as asking if the Briar happened to serve it.  Which then reminded me of the story of that man going into Harrods and asking for an elephant sandwich, only to be told "I'm sorry, sir, but we're out of elephant."  I digress.  The scariest thing about said Scary Conversations is... well, they're really not that scary.  They should be terrifying (it'll be three months on Saturday) but they're not, and that somehow makes them even more terrifying.

At any rate, I'm never letting Alison help pick names for anything after her suggestions in the Briar. :P

So.  Yeah.  Bomb scare.  Really surreal.  I put the version of events from my side of things over on tengirlsago's journal, but I recreate it here...

Landlord: They're evacuating the city centre. Everyone just go home.
Punters: But we have alcohol!
Landlord: (repeats)
Punters: Oh, all right then. *down drinks, collect things, amble out of pub*
Other people in function at nearby hotel: *wander casually towards bus stops looking unpanicked*
People on Broad Street: *leave clubs and pubs and stand outside them* Whar'gwan? *drink surrepticiously-stolen pints*
Six policemen: Everyone just get off the main road. Get as far away from here as possible. Go home. Oh, by the way, we've stopped all the buses and now the traffic's gridlocked. And we're going to blow up some controlled explosions on a bus, just to scare the shit out of you.
People in restaurant: Yes, we know there's a bomb scare. But we paid for this meal, thank you, so we'll just finish it, if that's all right.
Me and yoshi: Holy crap... are we the only sane people LEFT in this city?

As a result, anyway, and now knowing what the buses would be like, Paul ended up staying over another night.  We ate pasta and watched the first hour of Ed Wood before exhaustion took over.

My nan was invited over for dinner.  She is quite taken with Paul, which I think worried him slightly, although he was forewarned of what she was like... Nice beef dinner, and lots of lounging around.  It's too damn hot.