July 12th, 2005

Photo - leaves

*dies. is dead*

It's. Too. Hot.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO jackiesjottings!!  Have a pirate. :)

Listening to CD2 of 3; tomorrow, Shock Treatment.  Today, it's been So Long & Thanks For All The Fish, which I think is in the innings for Best Song Ever right now.  I may have to listen to the Once Around the Sun CD, though, as Joby Talbot really is very good at this music thing.

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Work was fairly tedious today, really.  Nothing very exciting happened.  I phoned up Bartley Green to inform them that one of our cases was transferring and sent the file over, which it isn't my job to do, but anyway.  If it's all done wrong and goes tits-up, then it's because I'm not meant to do things like that.  The heat became unbearable at about 2.30 as usual, and Sandra interrogated me a bit more about Paul, making like she's expecting a frelling wedding invite.  Er, not that there's a wedding or anything.  Um.

That's about it.  Frell knows when I'll get anything to eat tonight. I think I'll go play Sanitarium a bit more...
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