July 15th, 2005

Photo - leaves

Still alive.

Just slightly overheated.

The past couple of days, the temperature has been reaching 30-31oC in the office. And that's with all the windows open and two upright fans blasting cold(ish) air out at full power. Every time I go near my desk it's like walking into a wall of heat, and my arms keep sticking the desk when I type.

It's uncomfortable and sticky and horrible. And really, I wouldn't be complaining half so much if not for the frelling humidity. I can deal with this kind of heat in other countries, because it's an entirely different kind of heat, the kind that doesn't suffocate you as soon as you go outside...

It looks like we might be due a thunderstorm soon, though, as the sky's looking a bit greyer this morning and it's considerably cooler (having the windows open, for example, has actually made a difference...)

*disappears momentarily after hasty minimisation of window*

Right, now I've sorted out my manager's manager's problems *eyeroll*, back to the entry...

Trying to think when my last update was. Hrm.

In any case - Monday and Tuesday were the usual level of tedium. Wednesday I went round to Paul's to watch Dancer in the Dark, which was surreal but quite interesting. I took NBC with me, but we didn't have time for that because I was falling asleep.

Yesterday equally boring and absolutely frelling sweltering.

Today - seeing butterflyburn's band, Sinistra, at Scruffy's. Saturday - seeing Meatloaf at Warwick Castle (YAY!). Sunday - three months. Which is actually on Saturday, but never mind.

Right. I'd better do some work, I suppose...