July 19th, 2005

SB - Max - Oy

Random nothingness.

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This entry was going to be longer, but as Sandra just walked in I'll have to be quick. Maybe more later.

Saturday - Meatloaf was excellent, as were his support band, Hurricane Party. Can't quite remember the playlist, but there were only three songs I didn't know. Very good night, very exhausting.

Sunday - out with Paul to see The Descent and wander aimlessly getting drinks (and forgetting where Hurst St was). Film was good, if terrifying, quite effective in places, and meant I got about four hours' sleep Sunday night due to over-active imagination paranoia... (not helped by some cats fighting at about 2.00am and making me paranoid all over again.)

Monday - boring. Went to Pizza Hut with work and that was about it.

I apologise for the horrendously tedious state of my journal of late. I'm just too tired/apathetic to say anything these days.

Anyway. Supervision later. That should be fun.
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