July 22nd, 2005

Cabaret - Mein Herr

"It was long ago, and it was far away..."

Well.  That was fun, wasn't it, kids?

That was quite possibly the worst bout of PMT in the history of the universe.  Ever.  It lasted a grand total of 73 days - I kid you not - and ended yesterday with a horrible serious email tennis with yoshi that I never hope to relive...  Of course, the similar tennis with marz109 probably didn't help, either (I had to cut that one short before I burst into tears at my desk) and also apologies to rubytitania for worrying her.  Also thanks for the texts; much appreciated.

So, with the final ending of said PMT (sorry, forgot the TMI warning... :P) and the unbearable brain-pressure now nicely relieved, this will most likely be a very long entry of much updating, but I'll cut as much of it as I can.

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So, yes.  Firstly, Collapse )

Day after that was The Descent.  I was going to offer up a review, but... I can't be bothered now.  Sunday was also a one-day-late semi-celebration of the three-month mark.

Monday I don't even remember.  Tuesday I met up with Paul and we wandered aimlessly.  I ended up knocking over the table in some bar somewhere near the law quarter (can't even remember the name of the street now) and somehow we ended up having yet another Serious Conversation in the Briar, though I was in absolutely no mood for that and refused to answer most of the questions.

Wednesday/Thursday were both awful, by most standards, though I realise now it was because of aforementioned PMT.  Mid-way through Wednesday, Paul found out he hadn't got the job he'd applied for, and ended up taking out the annoyance and frustration and general crapness of the situation on me and everyone else - whch is fair enough, because it's not like I've never done that to him in the past three months.  He apologised about 10 minutes later, but was apparently on a mission to get completely rat-arsed, which made me change my mind about going to see him that evening and probably upset him even more.  But honestly, I was having enough trouble dealing with my own life at that point in time, and I wouldn't have been supportive or any use whatsoever, and I could see it ending in an argument, so it was possibly for the best.

Hence the cryptic LJ entry on Wednesday night.  I did another entry on paper whilst doped up on cold medication, and I'm still plucking up the courage to re-read it, edit it, and post it...

Yesterday was equally horrible, due to my frelling hormones.  But anyway, by about 2.00pm we'd sorted through some issues and everything was fine again.  Met up at 8.00 in the Briar with frightened, last_dance, translucent and bethanthepurple to celebrate the death of John Tyndall and got pleasantly but not overly tipsy, so the rest of the evening was quite enjoyable.

Tonight I was meant to be seeing the Capones in Digbeth, but I'm just not up to it.  I'm falling asleep already and the last time they played the Market Tavern there was a lock-in, and I'll be dead by 10.00 at this rate.  But that doesn't matter, I'll just fine tune the weekend planning a bit later...

So, there we go.

Hormones are evil and must be destroyed.  That is all.