July 23rd, 2005

Photo - leaves

A relevant observation.

A few minutes ago in the kitchen, my mother made a very valid observation whilst she was singing along to a CD.

I really, really need to join a choir again.

Mainly because if I don't, my voice is going to lose all semblance of ability.  And also because - as she pointed out - singing is another form of stress relief for me.  I've been singing along to things, obviously, but I need the disciplinary, rehearsal aspect of a proper choir.  Being a soprano is definitely a positive thing, too, as there's nothing quite like screeching something at the top of your lungs...

I checked out the City of Birmingham Choir website and the new season starts in September.  So I'll probably give the woman a ring at the end of August and see about auditioning.  I suck at auditioning, but I can sightread pretty well and have enough music lying around the house to find a suitable audition piece...

So, there we go.
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