July 26th, 2005

Cabaret - Maybe This Time

New-found determination.

In a surreal and frankly terrifying twist of fate, in checking my backposts, I discover that I started working in the Ladywood Area Office Child Protection and Review Unit on 26th July 2004.

A year later to the day, and I realise I am working for imbeciles who don't deserve the dedication I have provided, nor the work I have put in, since they see fit to punish me for something pointless and trivial.  I told my mum today and she's on my side along with Cynthia, Amanda and Sandra, whom I told this morning, and another issue arose in that they didn't even go through the proper procedures for this.  Normally, one would expect a verbal or written warning and then action to be taken if the warning isn't immediately heeded, not just going to the immediate extreme measures that they have.

And so, on Friday, I shall be visiting my agency, explaining the situation, and asking them to find me a new job somewhere else, preferably as far from Social Care and Health as possible.  I may take a week off in the meantime to regroup my sanity and get some well-deserved rest.

And then, I'm going to email Tina.  The contents of this email will be thought through at another time.

Thanks to everyone for the words of support - you're all right.  I am better than that place, and there has to be something better around the corner.

In the meantime, I have Celebrity Stars In Their Eyes to watch from Saturday (Yvette Fielding being Annie Lennox; I'm a little scared by this) and part two of the Most Haunted Queen Mary investigation this evening.  Also eating.  Mmm, food.