August 2nd, 2005

Random - Garbo


Right.  Due to the fact that I hate anonymous trolls, only registered users can now reply to my journal.  You don't necessarily have to be on my friends-list, but you do have to have a livejournal.  Sorry if this causes any inconvenience (though I don't think there are any people left without livejournals who comment) but my journal = my rules.

Anyway.  Yesterday was, by turns, bloody awful and quite pleasant.

In the morning I went to see my Extra Personnel woman and explain the situation, and went away again feeling like my brain was about to collapse from multiple options.  I can't remember the options now, but the decision has been made - I'll be working til the end of August, having some time off after the Bank Holiday and then she has me down as available for work as of September 12th, so will start looking for more work for me then.  Unless, of course, the current crackdown on agency workers means they finally make me permanent, in which case I'll hang on a bit and try to find a job that's not agency-based, because I'm sick of being treated like I have no rights either as an employee or a human being.

It also seems that they have still not learnt that my uber-fast typing speed does not automatically make me teH uber-secretary...

So as a result of the horribleness I ended up meeting yoshi for food in town in the evening.  We went to Bella Italia, which was very nice (nicer than I remember, but it's been about seven years since I was last there) and then wandered the pubs for a bit.

I still want the Wonka coat.  Someone is making a hell of profit on them on eBay by selling them for about $250, but they only ship within the US.  Antisocial bastards. :P  There is one on there currently bidding at $51 which will ship worldwide, but it hasn't hit the reserve yet and that's probably horrendously expensive, too.  Considering the damn thing only costs $60 in the first place, I have come to the conclusion that eBay is a) full of thieving buggers and b) a very, very good way to make money out of obsessive fangirls.

Any idea, though, what size would fit me?  It's a man-shaped coat and I'm a (British) size 10-12, possibly 14 to cover my stupid hips.  Meh.