August 8th, 2005

SB - Betty - Oh you!

MGM write-up, etc.

Quite a pleasant weekend.

Friday was the MGM. There are no pictures for this one, which is a shame. It was quite a small turn out (me, Yoshi/yoshi, temper/Paul, JoeTimewaster/Ben, Tangster/Comrade Tom, Green_Tao/Geoff, Trillian/mercurycirce, Loddy3dots/ikkaroido, G-Dogg/Gautam, and Mr T/Matt, as far as I can recall EDIT: and 87wt2gxq7/Jonathan, as he has now reminded me.), which was quite nice, as the group didn't separate as much as usual. It was better once Trillian had arrived to add to the female attendees, though...

We managed to form a Couple Corner to annoy the cynical single people, which was amusing. Tommy engaged us in a round of the Neighbours game, which I lost horribly, and which ended when Tommy forgot who he was meant to be, although he vehemently denied that.

Trillian is eloping with Yoshi's knee. :D

Much of the night, as far as I was concerned, was spent trying to steal Trillian's trilby. It looked better on me than on yoshi, anyway. I hereby decree the next MGM/Inliner-gathering to be a hatfest. In fact, the final half-hour or so of the night was spent stealing the hat back and forth. There was also lots of random texting both whilst we were in the same room and after Trillian and Loddy had gone, including the quite hilariously random "Mmm, kneecaps..." and "Leave my dragon's knees alone, harlot!" at various points in the night.

Trillian is a bad graffiti-er. Bad! Check out one of the cubicles in the Rainbow for her *ahem* original artwork. :)

That's about all I remember. It was quite funny, though. We definitely have to meet up with those two for a double-date. Definitely.

Most quotable moment were probably:

Yoshi (to Loddy): We have to meet up. And you! TALK, DAMN YOU!


Trillian (to Loddy): If you were my lesbian, you'd reply to my texts, wouldn't you?
Loddy: Er... yes.
Trillian: Even if you were going to see your boyfriend?

Don't ask. Seriously.

Saturday - laziness prevailed. Paul pushed me out of bed, the bastard. On purpose, I might add... The plan was to head into Birmingham to go and see Evil, get me a new bus pass and then go back to mine to watch series one of Spaced and some more of Dead Like Me. We didn't leave the house til about 3.45, got to town, and ran into Live From New York (Dave) halfway down New Street, resulting in my missing the TWM shop by a matter of seconds and having to pay cash for the bus pass at a newsagent. Meh.

We headed down to the UGC to find it packed to the gills and no longer showing Evil, so called it quits and went to Revolution for some of their cocktails. The first one was Raspberry-infused vodka with apple juice and lime, and the second was cherry-infused vodka with cranberry. Both very, very nice. We were going to order six random shots flavours but eventually decided against that since we'd been foodless, and went back to mine.

The house was deserted, as it transpired because mum and David had gone out, so I cooked some food and we watched Spaced, which I enjoyed quite a lot.

Sunday was also lazy. Lazier, if possible. The sum total of Sunday's activities included making cheese-on-toast whilst David's toolbox was being sorted out, and watching Dead Like Me until about 10.30. Also stealing some food, although considering there was too much for four people, I don't know quite why David thought there wasn't enough for two. He worries me sometimes...

This morning - skiving off, but I was in for lunchtime. It's all Paul's fault. And I got caught by mum returning randomly to change her trousers - she didn't even say a word before I launched into an explanation, which on reflection was quite amusing, but yeah... Quite frankly, I'm only going to be here about 3 more weeks, so I couldn't care less. And I knew I'd have nothing to do - as it transpired, when I arrived there was only one set of corrections and one set of minutes to do. I hate August...

So, that's that. Seeing Starlight Express on Thursday. Apparently, after Birmingham the tour's being pulled, as the sets won't fit into any of the other venues...

PS: I an ephehif tu bi ephehif. Aqqesipvmz.
PPS: If you don't understand, don't ask.