August 12th, 2005

Photo - leaves

Starlight Express, answer me yes.

So, yesterday me, mum and Paul toddled off to the Hippodrome to see Starlight Express.  I am muchly impressed, it has to be said, as I went in not knowing what to expect other than rollerskating and trains.  The cast were all very good, especially Electra and Rusty, (Electra = OMGcampestthingevar!) and the Red Caboose was very cute. ;)  Also, the freight trains had self-referential graffiti on them with the initials of Andrew Lloyd Webber and R.S., whose actual name I've forgotten.  :D I love it when costumiers do that.

So, yes, it was very good.  Possibly the weirdest concept for a musical in the world ever, and quite similar to Cats in the way it's put together and in some of the musical numbers; plus, it's always fun to see which bits he's gone and reused years later, as I'm sure there was a bit of The Woman in White in there...

I knew four of the songs already: Rolling Stock, Pumping Iron, Only He and There's A Light At The End Of The Tunnel, though I didn't know I knew the latter two until I heard them, which was odd...

Oh!  And there were 3D race sequences!  It rocked. :D

After that we decided to go for a 'quick drink' somewhere, and wandered down to O'Neills.  Since the single barmaid was throwing a strop, we decamped to the Welly instead, where there were about six people in total drinking there, most of whom left at closing time, and we ended up getting caught in their lock-in.  We suspect this is only because Asa/Vanilla Rimmer (the entertainment manager/MC) turned up quite late for a couple of drinks.  The entire two hours or so we were there, Big Drunken Camp Paul was hurling verbal abuse at my Paul, to the amusement/exasperation of his Long-Suffering Other Half Who Was Also Called Paul.  Honestly, you couldn't make that up.

Though, actually, the most amusing exchange was probably this, towards the end of the night...

Asa: Wait, are you two a couple?
Me&Paul: Yeah...
Asa:  I thought you were bent!  And I thought you were a dyke!

It was hilarious.  He remembered us from last time we were there and then demanded we come again on Saturday.  Big Drunken Camp Paul (no, seriously, I swear he had like a pint of brandy...) ordered Asa to give me two kisses and went from loving my mum and loathing me (or at least calling me a trollop...) to switching that opinion completely by the end of the night, whilst still verbally abusing YoshiPaul.  It was a lovely, lovely evening, all told.  I think the Welly is my new not-so-local local, as everyone in there is so friendly, and every gay bar needs its token sickening heteros, right? ;)

Anyway, tonight there will be more karaoke at the Hill, though I'm utterly exhausted, followed by drinks for Paul's mate (Tori) tomorrow, which may be cut short for returning to the Welly and staying out til ridiculous o'clock.  Woot.