August 15th, 2005

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So. Yes.

I went to the Hill on Friday to meet random Inliners, etc for karaoke. The only problem was that as soon as I left the house, my brain decided to shut down. Thus, I spent the entire night being horrendously tired, trying not to fall asleep, and not really talking to anyone except for a brief conversation with rubytitania about tattoos and Buffy. We left about 11.00ish (I think) and got the bus back to Paul's - after a brief disagreement at the bus stop which was completely my fault for being moody in the first place - and, seriously, the entire 15 minute walk from the bus stop to his house is a complete blur... I was that tired.

Saturday was a day of lounging around. We watched the final four episodes of season 1 of Dead Like Me and then headed out to Kings Heath for his friend's birthday. We stayed there for an hour and then headed off into town to go to the Welly.

Hurst Street, please note: you need more than one cash point. Thank you. (That being said, there's one in O'Neills, but it's one of those that charges you £1.25 for the privilege of using it.)

Anyway, we saw and enjoyed Champagne Shirley and a bit from Vanilla, and Big Drunken Camp Paul showed off his equally amazing singing voice. We have decreed to buy that derelict building nearby and open a gay bar. Applications for bar staff readily accepted. :P

Good things about the Welly:

1) It's still gaining popularity so it's never rammed in there on Saturday nights.
2) It's populated by lovely people.
3) The drinks are fairly cheap.
4) They serve real Coke. This is the mark of a good pub.
5) There's always plenty of paper in the ladies', which seems a very minor thing, but always irritates me about large chain pubs when they don't have enough, especially on busy nights...

Upon leaving (at about 2.00am), we acosted Sober Paul and asked him very nicely to ask Asa on our behalf if he would sing Starlight Express for us at Hallowe'en (I'll post more about that later), since he burst randomly into the main song on Thursday when we mentioned it. The likilhood of him remembering is quite slim, but we can hope. ;) We would've asked him in person, but he was chatting with his mates and yoshi was too drunk to cope with more abuse from Big Camp Drunken Paul.

Sunday we watched Nightmare Before Christmas and series 2 of Spaced, which was quite enjoyable.

I think that's about it...
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Right.  Public Service Announcement will follow in a moment.

Today saw the start of my Two Weeks of Hell.  That is, both Cynthia and Amanda are on annual leave, so Sandra and I are sharing the CP admin rota.  I've been dreading this since it was first realised.  One good thing is the office is quiet with Sandra having nobody to screech at about Big Brother (Makosi = fake; I haven't even been watching it and I can tell that much) as she mostly tends to ignore me (also a bonus of sitting in opposite corners) but the bad thing is that she's already started fobbing off the pointless tasks she doesn't want to do onto me.

This morning, for example: phoning up all of two people to tell them that a conference was cancelled; the Social Worker phoned the mother up, luckily.  It took me barely even five minutes to do.  And while I was doing this?  She was having a personal phone call that lasted 45 minutes. She'd only arrived at work about 10 minutes prior to that.

As it happens, my workload has increased about tenfold since last week now that Liz H is back from her holiday and all the Chairs' diaries are full, so if she thinks I'm going to do all the menial tasks around the office she can think again.  She seems to constantly fail to comprehend that I have my own job to do and I have to put just as much effort into keeping things within timescales as she does.

I'm not saying I get in and get straight to work, because I don't.  But I get in at about 8.15 most days and I think I'm entitled to a little time to get into the flow of things before everything gets busy, so, yes, I spent 45 minutes surfing the internet/Inline before I start work properly at 9.00.  She gets in at 9.30, admittedly because of childcare issues, but still.  You do the math.

Anyway, hopefully with a big workload the week should go fairly quickly.  Except we're heading into a heatwave, apparently, so that'll make things even more horrible.  Meh.  Only two weeks til my holiday/days off, at least, and then only a week until I leave (I extended my leave deadline to the 19th so I can get through the inevitable backlog,a nd I'm going to wander around other agencies during my first week off.  Someone, please poke me and make sure I do...

Public Service Announcement

You are all cordially invited:

When: 29th OCTOBER 2005

Asa/Vanilla is hosting a special Hallowe'en show.  So rather than having an actual Hallowe'en party, I decree we should all go the Welly instead.  Of course, if nobody wants to go I'll probably end up having a party anyway and then going to the Welly anyway.  But yeah, we should all make a night of it.  Costumes will be mandatory, I'm afraid.  I haven't decided on a theme yet, but yoshi wants to go as a mime and I have a tailcoat, so a circus theme may be in the innings.  frightened can entertain us with poi and stuff.

Come!  Plus, if he remembers, we might get a special rendition of Starlight Express, which would rock.

Edit, as it might bring some of you out of hiding: they do karaoke. Better than that, they do cheesy karaoke. You know you want to.