August 18th, 2005

Photo - leaves

Just a quick one.

Congratulations to all those receiving A-level results today. You're making me feel old. And also reminding me of how frelling annoying it was that my English A-level coursework was all grade A and I got a B because examiners hate my writing style. Consistently.

I'm stuck in work until 5.30 today in an effort to make up hours that seemed to vanish into oblivion, though I'm hoping to fiddle my clock card so it looks like I was in at 9.00 yesterday, not 10.00. Don't know if it'll work, but I can blame the crappy clocking in machine running out of ink or something...

Currently text-tennising with Eni about Jonathan Creek (woo!) and killing time until I can go into town to meet Paul and some random Inliners. Apparently. I need a drink. Also some sleep. Definitely having a quiet night in on Friday after the disaster of last week.

Am dragging my mother to the Wellington on Saturday again, which should be interesting...

Er, what else, what else... Hm.

I missed Most Haunted on Tuesday so will have to catch the repeat on Sunday night.

Is this the most boring entry ever? I believe it is. Hurrah.

Right, I'd better attempt to do some work, I have a huge backlog to get through and it's not getting any smaller by my staring at it. But it's so hot.