August 20th, 2005

MH - anime!Snuggle - Y/K

Yay, productivity!

I found this entry last night accidentally posted to mosthauntedgeek, which nobody thought to tell me about. It's meant to be backdated to August 20th, but LJ's being an arse.

Well, a couple of icons, at least, which is more than usual.  I was awake at 8.30 and up at 9.50.  Go me and my alertness.  I think I had about 10 hours of sleep or thereabouts, so if that hasn't satisfied my brain, I don't know what will.  Here's hoping the unusual and welcomed lack of tiredness lasts.

I'm meant to be seeing yoshi later to buy him a hat (from Monsoon in the Bull Ring - gawd help me; I hate that place) and then we're probably going to the Wellington, but if he doesn't get his lazy hungover arse out of bed soon to phone me, he can buy his own frelling hat.

Just realised it's Lorna's birthday tomorrow, and, yet again, the days have all merged together so much I completely forgot.  So, she'll be getting a present quite late, then.  I suck. :(

And have just realised my mood swings appear to be dominant today, as I've gone from fairly positive to irritated in the course of writing this entry.  Meh.

I think I'll watch some more Jonathan Creek.