August 23rd, 2005

Spuffy - with or without

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In realising my journal is horrendously boring of late, I leave it to you, my loyal (*ahem*) public, to tell me what to write about/include.

More pictures? More fandom? Icons?

Comment and let me know.

I can't promise I will do any of what you suggest, but it's worth a try...

There will, however, be some photos coming fairly soon as I'm hoping to rearrange my room and get new shelving/storage in the process. I may use my time off to have a spring clean...
SB - Betty - Oh you!

More frelling paperwork.

Surprisingly quickly, I have been offered a counselling appointment (13th September at 1.30 - when I'm back at work, good timing...) and they've sent me a form to fill in with little tick boxes, which I need to complete for the appointment about how I've been feeling during "the last week".

The last week?

Honey, most of those questions indicate my state of mind for the past three and a half years.

So, yeah.  We'll see, I guess.

Had some very bizarre phonecalls at work today, nearly all of which were because of someone else not doing their job properly.

1) Social Worker came in because she couldn't access the files for the case she was meant to provide a report for that afternoon, because it hadn't been moved from the previous team's folder, so I had to email her the relevant paperwork so she could at least try to complete the reports.  The conference, apparently, was a complete shambles, and Shafiq went home in a sulk at the end of it because it was being observed by Tina Roper and she had to take over to control it.  Hm, this doesn't bode well for either him or the Social Worker...
2) Not really a call, as she was in the office, but Tina Roper wanted print-outs of Natasha and Liz's diaries for October to November (even though we'll probably be adding even more things to them by then, but, eh, whatever), and then adopted a tone of voice that implied I was a moron because I couldn't read her mind.

"What's Liz got booked in on the 18th?"
"The 18th of...?"

3) One from the OM's secretary, Jean, telling us that one of our children - still registered - had somehow ended up being inputted into CareFirst twice and there was a rogue ID number floating around that kept being sent off with the stats to the Strategic Director - so it was coming back saying it was unallocated because there were no assessments, etc. on the CareFirst entry.  She'd already asked our Friendly Neighbourhood ITSO, Mohammed, about it, and he'd just stuck a "Duplicate" label on it in an effort to solve the problem, but it was still coming up, and for some reason she expected us to know what to do.  So I've left that for Sandra to sort out.
4) A message for Liz from someone who didn't say where she was calling from. I hope she knows who it is...

Some days, I just wonder how these people got their jobs.  Specifically, Social Workers who have a mortal fear of their computers/the P:/ drive/modern technology, and the idiot Team Managers who think it's okay for conferences to be out of timescales (it's always the same idiot Team Manager) and not to inform the Chair of apologies until said Chair knocks on his door ten minutes after the Conference has started...


In other news, I have supervision tomorrow (moved from today) and Carol W is offering me a temporary contract until March.  I'll believe that when I have it in front of me and have an actual start date, thank you... more on that tomorrow, I suppose.

Yet another boring entry. I thank you.