August 24th, 2005

Buffy - sanity


Tina H just came around for my supervision... which didn't happen, in the end, as there were no issues other than one.

I will be a Proper Council Employee when I return from leave on September 12th.

Only for six months, of course, but that doesn't matter. I never thought the ultimatum of "I'm leaving on the 19th unless you make me permanent..." would work, but I think that, coupled with the latest financial/personnel crisis, gave them all a kick up the arse. I've filled out the medical form and will be inducted, etc when I get back off leave.

Well, then. This is turn up for the books.

And apparently, Natasha sent a nice email to Tina H of the "I know this won't make any difference, but..." variety, singing my praises and saying how good I am. I'm definitely sending her a thank-you email when I'm back - she's on leave til after the Bank Holiday anyway.

So it looks like I'll remain the CPR Typist for a while longer, maybe a couple of months or so, but at least I'll be getting paid more and have (shock! horror!) some rights as an employee. Plus the added bonus of flex time and paid sick leave, etc. No more early-morning skiving for me, though...

Anyway, just killing some minutes before home time. Best do some more work, I suppose.