August 30th, 2005

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Overdue update.

Four-day weekends are fabulous, aren't they?  Especially so when they extend into two-week weekends. :D

Have done very, very little this weekend.  Friday night I spent recovering from the week preceding and waiting for my antibiotics to kick in - they seem to be working better now, though it's still somewhat painful first thing in the morning.  May have to make a follow-up appointment to change the tablets if it doesn't clear.


Met up in town with yoshi, mercurycirce and ikkaroido for a meal at Bella Italia, courtesy of mercurycirce.  Which was very nice, thank you, and involved lots of food and an insanely huge dessert, which was unfinishable and ended up forming a metaphorical representation in ice-cream and brownie of Pirates of the Caribbean (Orlando Bloom fell off the ship; we left him there...)  We went back to her house afterwards for a bit and then back to mine.  Other than that, the day was fairly uneventful, other than putting up a new light on the first landing, which wasn't designed for a double switch.  Any small job in this house takes four times longer than it should do.

Did absolutely sod all.  Watched copious amounts of Monty Python.  That was it...  Studiously avoided doing any work in the garden, which now looks very nice indeed (pictures coming later, probably...)

More nothing, this time an Eddie Izzard marathon (Live At The Ambassadors, Unrepeatable, and Definite Article) before a very nice roast beef dinner and Big Fish. But before that, we went a-wandering in Warley Woods to try and catch the sunset.

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Finally got our arses into town to try and find Paul a hat.  Found one in the market which was £25, but it's a very, very nice hat, and very well-made, so I don't mind.  It was meant to be a Christmas/birthday present, but he's had it now to make up for the three tops I stole...  Also found some trainers from Jade (near the Oasis market) for a tenner, which are fluorescent green and lilac and shiny, by Chipie.  Was going on a jeans mission, but gave up.  We had lunch at the Victorian Restaurant (in the arcade opposite Rackhams), which was also very nice.

So, yes.  A weekend of doing very little that involved effort, and I fully intend to spend the rest of my well-earned annual leave following the same pattern.  For some reason, doing nothing is quite exhausting...
Photo - leaves

In other news...

My bedroom is driving me crazy.  I was going to swap the wardrobe and the desk, but that's actually impossible due to extension leads and the fact that I still need four plugs under the bed plus the eight for the PC, etc.  So it's a no-go.

However, I would very much like this bed from Ikea, a sofa by day and bed by night.  It doesn't go with anything else in my room, but I don't care.  I like it.  I have been pondering it and think I could possibly make it fit, as the bookcases under the current bed will easily stack one on top of the other.  Mum and David are hoping to do something to their room to create more wardrobe space, so I may be able to inherit her current wardrobe and get rid of the clothes rail, as well as getting rid of the futon, at least out of my room, as it's quite a useful thing, really... Hm.

I also want this bed (there's no better picture of it online, alas), but even I can tell how horrendously impractical it is.  But still.  Round bed.  Ooooh.