September 2nd, 2005

Farscape - John&Aeryn - happiness

"Fathe it, Macthwell, the woman'th a thopaholic..."

Happy Birthday to 87wt2gxq7!

The obscure The Nanny quote speaks truth, alas.

Coming back from Paul's, I discovered myself in Birmingham, and decided to go hunting for a new purse.  Which naturally involved a spending spree in the process because the shops were all empty at 9.30am...

But since I'm no longer going to be spending the money in Derby, I might as well spend it on something more lasting anyway.


~ Black and white striped top with off-the-shoulder rouched thing and button.  It's hard to describe. The website's bloody useless or I'd post a photo... (£14.99)
~ Cerise mohair jumper with wide turn-down at the neck, and two big bobbles hanging off it.  It was the bobbles that sold it, really. ;) (£19.99)
~ Six little butterfly clips in black, as they work better than hair grips in my hair.  (£1.50)

Total: £36.48

~ Leather belt, blue, filigree/jewel buckle (£3.00)
~ Canvas belt, dark pink, holes punched all the way down. (£1.00)
~ Ditto, but grey. (£1.00)

Total: £5.00

(Oh, come on.  I paid about £12.00 for a similar buckled-belt from New Look in February...)

~ Jeans.  Coloured stitching and interesting back pockets, otherwise fairly ordinary.  I just had a jeans craving.  (£30.00)

Stall on New Street
~ Purse (£3.00)

Grand Total:  £74.48

Uh, yeah.  It was an accident, I swear...  Shopping makes me happy.  I can't quite pinpoint whether it's the getting of new things or the general spending of money, though.  Or perhaps a combination of the two.  My shopaholism actually declined when I started getting the bus home from work on a regular basis in January and wasn't being picked up, because we'd inevitably go to Asda or Matalan and I'd buy things.  But anyway, it's been a very long time since I splurged, and it's all very pretty...

Photos maybe later if I can be bothered...

Edit: Collapse )

No, I have no idea why you people would be interested in my purchases, but it's easier than describing them... and yes, I'm bored.
Photo - leaves



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Give me all your money, damn you. :P  I'll make it worth your while. G'wan.  I've got some lovely Bajoran Spring Wine around here somewhere...

Hee.  And upon checking the other results, I just had a sneaking suspicion one of them was going to be Harry Kim, just from the questions.  Poor Harry. ;)
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