September 3rd, 2005

Photo - leaves

Subject required: answers on a postcard.

MGM was last night at the Flapper.  Attendees were, as far as I can remember:

~ teylaminh
~ yoshi
~ mercurycirce
~ rubytitania
~ metalmikey666
~ sicksicksicks
~ joetimewaster
~ tigerfancini
~ 87wt2gxq7 (I did that from memory, go me!)
~ my_own_mandate
~ Ozymandias/Nick
~ Holacabron/Murky/Adrian
~ temper/Paul
~ helenix/Helen (I think; I may have imagined her...)
~ Button Moon or possibly Jaggs; it was all rather confusing.

And probably some others I have forgotten.

All in all, quite an enjoyable night.  We started off sitting outside as it was warm, but once the sun went down it chilled somewhat so we decamped indoors to the Darkened Corner near the jukebox/DJ/foosball table.  The couch in that corner smells of BO, which is rather disturbing.  Quite a symbolic night all round, really, the Flapper being the place where Paul asked me out on 15th April (I do remember the date; one day before the first date...), and we established pretty much the exact places we'd been standing, sans round table as it was elsewhere...

Two shambolic and insane doubles games of pool were played, first me+Mikey vs Paul+ Trillian, which we won by accident when he bounced the black off the assigned pocket and got it in an entirely different one. :P  Another one followed later that night of me vs Mikey, which I lost quite horrendously, and then me+Paul vs Mikey+temperPaul, although Mikey buggered off halfway through and so did both Pauls, so me and Trillian finished it off.  Badly.  Eventually it reached the stage where we had to drop the black in a pocket because some other rather annoyed-looking people were glaring at us waiting to play...

Another symbolic moment happened when we were having a Serious Conversation (again!) on the couch by the pool table.  At the April MGM we also ended up having a chat on that couch after the doubles game (me+Jos vs Paul+Scooter) and Kiwi left us alone and then we realised we were being antisocial and joined the others.  Which was pre-asking-out.  So, yeah, it was all a bit nostalgic, really...

This morning involved doing nothing, arguing over stupid rules that are based in no logic, and eating the greasiest breakfast in the world.  Mmmm, grease.  I can feel my arteries clogging...  Oh, and also watching X-Factor as they're still in the auditions stages and it's horrible, awful, voyeuristic, addictive television.  It'll get boring once they're down to the finalists; it's only funny when you can laugh at Simon Cowell being a bitch and the freaks getting angry about it and cornering him on the way to the loo...

Went through town to get a bus pass.  Did not buy anything else, which is an improvement on yesterday.

I should be watching Most Haunted Live, but I'm taping it and wlil probably try to watch it tomorrow or Monday.  I'm becoming rather laid-back about the whole thing, really; they're just... trying too hard.  This one sounded interesting from a location point of view - and should, at least, provide some entertainment in the form of screaming and freaking out - but I couldn't be bothered with the Access All Areas.  It's just not the same these days... I miss the behind-the-scenes glimpses we used to get, not the full-on backstage passes we get these days.

We have a Plan for my room (brainstormed by making little bits of furniture on graph paper and moving them around a scale drawing of the room) which will involve only buying the new bed and some new shelves.  With any luck, I can get away with having less furniture by turning my wardrobe into a television/video/DVD unit + video storage, and then inheriting my mother's wardrobe as they're doing something interesting with sliding panels in her room to make more space... so I'll basically be able to get rid of the shelves by my computer, the two bookcases under the bed, the clothes rail, and the futon, as well as the existing bed (which reminds me, does anyone want a loft-bed??) and the futon and the horrible mahogany television unit...  So, yay.

I'm hoping the amount of videos (two bookcases, for Christ's sake!  Double-layered!) will decline as I buy things on DVD, as the majority of the home-taped things are serieses I have every intention of eventually getting.  I got rid of the old X-Files tapes by finally buying all the video box sets, though I still want all the seasons on DVD eventually, as well as Jonathan Creek, and I'll eventually do the same for Farscape, The Nanny, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, Frasier, Friends (not a high priority, would just be nice to have them), Angel (five-season DVD set is out on Hallowe'en, by the way), Red Dwarf, etc., etc.  Which'll free up space in general...

I realise this is all very boring... *ahem*

I'll take some before and after shots, anyway.

Yayyyy, new room!

*goes to close window*  Stupid weather.  Make up your damned mind, already.

Anyway, tomorrow we're going on an excursion to Ikea to get things... should be interesting, to say the least.

I think I had something else to say, but I've forgotten it.  I had a surreal dream last night that I might type up in a filtered entry if I can be bothered... I made a mental note to tell it to Paul this morning so I wouldn't forget it.