September 5th, 2005

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Bedroom renovation, ho!

So, didn't get online yesterday for various reasons, mostly because we made a start on renovating/re-furnituring my room.  Also a cabinet thing for the bathroom to store the towels better...

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Next will be to complete the new wardrobe... thing in my mum's room so I can have her wardrobe and we can get everything else in place - and turn my wardrobe into an entertaiment unit. ;)  And then everything can go in.  The bed had 20% off, so I used the extra money I saved to get a matching mirror, some lovely Paris prints, and a new wall light.  When everything's in place I'm also going to re-paint and change the yellow voile curtains and go pale blue.  The ceiling and dark blue curtains are staying, but I've somewhat outgrown the yellow now, so I'm going for a Parisian theme...

The only casualty was my keyboard, which was being temperamental yesterday by refusing to work... but it's fine this morning.  Hurrah.  I really didn't want to have to buy a new one, especially because I like this one, full of crumbs and bolognese sauce though it may be...

My back is killing me, so it's just as well I have another week off work. :)

It's quite bizarre sleeping under the window (and so close to the ground) and I get an entirely new perspective. I slept with the voile drapes closed yesterday because the moths and other beasties were in full force (two daddylonglegses in the kitchen in the space of an hour!), but now I get a full view of the sky rather than the opposite buildings... and I could hear the rain even better, which was nice... I could definitely get used to this.

Anyway, I have nine hours of Most Haunted to watch...
Photo - leaves

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