September 8th, 2005

Random - Oblivion wheels

Bloody insects.

I seem to have spent my entire morning fighting off multiple-legged creatures.

1) A butterfly on the walkway as I was heading back to catch the 11 to get home.  I swatted at it with my carrier bag twice and the damn thing kept coming back for more.
2) A spider descending on me in the kitchen.  I squashed it with a bottle of fabric conditioner.
3) And there I was, happily settling down to watch the final third of last week's Most Haunted Live, when there's a bloody great daddylonglegs hovering/scuttling up and down the window.  If there's one thing I hate more than moths, it's probably daddylonglegses.  I attempted to suck it up the Dyson using the hose, but I wasn't brave enough to get close enough to do it.

Can someone come around and kill it for me?  Please?

It's been a decidedly moth-free summer, actually.  I knew it was too good to last; I hate September.  The winged and legged things are in full force and we've still got the dopey, half-awake wasps to contend with.  This house seems to have been Insect Central for the past week or so.  Bastards.

I desperately need to tidy my room, but my back hurts.  I might take a painkiller later and see if that works.  The wardrobe needs to be sorted (bloody Woolworths have stopped selling those multi-layered coathanger things that free up space horizontally) and so do the shelves, but I don't have the energy...
SB - Betty - Oh you!


I was just clearing up and trying to tidy the shelves a bit (they'll have to be emptied again when I redecorate, obviously, but I'm trying to clear floor, here...) and emptied an old folder that I thought had Uni stuff in it... and discovered a drenload of Sunset Boulevard fic (from the mad month I spent writing it at ridiculous times in the morning) I thought I'd lost!  And some Farscape and some original drafts of a couple of Jonathan Creek fics written on New Year's Eve 2002 (I think), and some Buffy bits.

I love finding old fic.  Most of it makes me cringe when I read it back, but it's nice to know it's not lost forever. :)  I also found a whole lot of blank paper, so that's a good thing, too. :)