September 19th, 2005

Cabaret - Mein Herr

Sometimes, I'm living in a movie.

I'll do a proper update later (and read my f-list more extensively) tonight.

For now, just a reminder I'm still alive.

And a re-announcement of the HALLOWE'EN PARTY taking place at THE WELLINGTON on SATURDAY 29th OCTOBER. Fancy dress is mandatory, no idea what time we're turning up, but all are welcome and the entertainment probably won't start til at least 11.00pm. But yes. Come to the cabaret!

The weekend was relaxing and mostly enjoyable, involving the cooking of a meal that was essentially posh bangers 'n' mash, watching Amélie and X-Factor and Ant & Dec's Gameshow Marathon (I did espy the one and only Faith Brown in their celebrity audience - squee!) and numerous other rubbish. Sunday afternoon was spent wandering in town (my plans of having lunch in OhVelvet was thwarted by them showing the Bloody Football. Meh.) via the Museum & Art Gallery (we're cultured, don't cha know), the Windsor, the Wellington, Scruffy Murphy's for one of the Inliner's birthdays, and then the Yard of Ale by the evening, which merely proved that Paul and I are ridiculously melodramatic through no fault of our own, but I need to explain that later when I have more time. Right now, I have about fifty million things to do, as well as having to email Eni about said melodrama before she explodes from curiosity... so, for now, I'll sign off.
Photo - leaves

Update update.

Okay, I was going to expand on the previously-mentioned melodrama, but having already explained to Eni once today via email I can't really be bothered to go through it again.  But suffice it to say that, like the last time, it ended better than it started.

My life, frequently, becomes a soap opera.  Yesterday, it turned into a movie, complete with cheesy soundtrack and even more cheesy lines (*ahem*), and, as Eni rightly pointed out, the situation was so very me that it was like it came straight out of a gratuitously fluffy H/C fic.  Bloody typical, really. ;)

Anyway.  Nothing else of interest to say, other than our wireless phones are terrifying and do weird things when you try to transfer calls...