September 22nd, 2005

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I don't remember when I last updated, but I think it was Monday.

I'll do the interests meme later. Have just about caught up on my f-list this morning (you spammers) but not in any in-depth fashion. Hugs, sympathy, congratulations, etc, etc, etc to everyone who wants them...

So, brief update.

Depite wanting a 'quiet night in', Paul dragged me to the Jug of Ale in Moseley for the pub quiz, because it turned out that Bertie Wooster (Inliner) and Luke (legs11) were both going and he'd never met the former and hadn't seen the latter in ages. As it turned out, Luke forgot and didn't turn up, but Bertie (real name: Ben) did and was a thoroughly pleasant chap.

We, "The Bertie Wooster Memorial Fund", came third.

Highlights from random conversations include:

Quizmeister: Name a food you can eat with your fingers. (It was the Family Fortunes round)
rubytitania: Crisps!
metalmikey666: Crisps aren't food!

rubytitania: I'd quite like to go to New Orleans...
teylaminh: Is that because of the vampire slash?
rubytitania: Natternatternattersomethingsomethingsometh- No, it's not because of the vampire slash! ...well, maybe a little bit...

It's not easy to retell that one... but it was funny at the time.

The evening was thoroughly pleasant, though, and involved the sweetest sherbert love heart ever. :) You'll have to catch me on messenger to find out why... :P

Eventless day at work other than the fact that the Department, once more, is falling apart and the CPAs are left to put it back together.

The evening was spent at Jimmy Spices for a leaving/birthday/general meal organised by Tina H. Starters were good; main courses less so... It all seemed a bit cliquey, but that could'vde been to do with the fact that the Small Heath crew sat at one end of the table and the Ladywood crew at the other end. Ah, well.

Other than that, things have been relatively normal.

Today I desperately need to tidy my room, as the general mess is not helped by the excess of random clothing piling up on the floor. Meh.
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Oh-em-gee!  An entry of consequence!

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I'm sure there was another meme somewhere this morning on an Inliner's LJ (it was orange on my f-list) but it seems to have disappeared and I feel like I've lost a few brain cells as a result.  Meh.

My room is now slightly tidier.  The clothes are put away, and the floor is somewhat clearer.  I was just about to rearrange the CDs a bit to try and fit the cassettes in the top unit, when the bottom one (there're three) made an ominous creaking noise and jerked in a downwards direction.  The screw's basically turning in the wall, so that's going to need re-fitting.  That's what you get when you try to attach things to walls that're made of cardboard.

I have a bit of peeling skin on my thumb and it really hurts when I type. :(

But yes, I can now see the floor.  Not organised by a long-shot, but my back has been aching since we first put the new furniture in and has only just subsided properly this week (stupid body) so I've been rather disinclined to do anything.

On the plus side, I've been taking Valerian root capsules in lieu of suspicious sleeping pills, and the effect has been quite positive. They don't knock me out, per se, but I'm mostly so tired they don't need to... but I'm waking up a lot more alert.  Depending on the amount of sleep I get, I've even been hyperactive some mornings (hyperactivity is a side-effect of my being lack-of-sleep tired, unfortunately, which I think is purely my brain's way of staying awake for the day).  I'm still tired of a morning, but not to the same extent.  I can actually function as a human being without feeling half-dead.  In short, this is dealable.  I need to try St John's Wort, though, as that's an anti-depressant as well.

This weekend will be hectic:

~ Tomorrow I'm going to the Barton Arms for Mr Capone's birthday, then possibly on to the Hill.
~ Saturday, I'm being dragged out to Jimmy Spices (again!  Was there yesterday for the meal!) to meet Paul's friend, Belvinder, and then possibly on to the Capones gig at the Bear, depending on the time.
~ Sunday, my grandmother is coming for lunch, where she will probably - once more - flirt shamelessly with my boyfriend. ;)

I'm feeling oddly and uncharacteristically positive.

I blame the Valerian.