September 23rd, 2005

Random - Absinthe!

Should I demand a pay rise?

Dude, I swear I'm not getting paid enough. Rather amusing incident with Natasha, who is more computer-literate than most...

Hannah (minute-taker, ex-typist, Small Heath) had emailed Natasha some minutes for checking. Natasha opened the file, amended it, and hit 'Save'... and Windows being what it is had saved the file to a Temporary folder. So when Natasha went to attach the file to send it back to Hannah, she couldn't find it... so came to see if I could find it instead, as I am the office's technical genius.

Not remembering where the Temporary Files folder was off the top of my head, I did a little experiment with my Lotus Notes using something I got emailed yesterday to find out where it was, wrote it down, and went back into Natasha's office.

I talked her through the file path... and then ran upon a problem when the Local Settings folder had vanished.

Cue lots of nifty mouse-work as I made the folder view show hidden files - ah! there it is! - and saved the offending file to her Desktop so it could be easily found for attaching... then gave her a brief tutorial on doing "Save As" when amending files off emails...

As I said... I'm so not getting paid enough for this. Although I'm sure they'd contest that 'computer literacy beyond the call of duty' came under 'any other duties', so I wouldn't get a penny. Bah.
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