September 25th, 2005

WIW - Marian

One hectic weekend later.

Mad, mad couple of days.

Friday started with drinks at the Barton Arms for Mr Capone's birthday.  This did hit something of a low point about halfway through due to me being utterly rubbish and misconstruing an otherwise innocent comment... but in some ways it was a self-fulfilling prophesy, as we were heading to the Hill later on and I firmly believe it to be cursed.  But anyway, after apologies and establishing it was me being stupid, things were okay again.

Onwards to the Hill to meet other Inliners for karaoke.  Quite enjoyable and entertaining as ever, including a girl who was drunk and completely tone-deaf - always fun - and Simon, who is a regular feature there.  We did leave early due to tiredness and Paul's usual drunken soppiness, but that was just as well considering the impending going-out of Saturday as well...

Oh, by the way, metalmikey666, that Sally that was there - what's her surname?  She's horribly familiar and I'm convinced I went to school with her...

Saturday was almost as hectic.  I can't remember what we did in the morning, probably watched rubbish television as usual, but we left about 7.00ish to meet Paul's mate, Belvinder, at Jimmy Spices for her leaving do.  This was followed by a trip to Missing, which was completely rammed as usual, and an eventual trip to the Wellington for Gobby Paul's birthday.  We arrived just as Asa/Vanilla was finishing up the karaoke and enjoyed the two Birmingham-based Showgirls and London-based Crystal Wade, who finished with a show-stopping version of "What Makes A Man A Man?" wherein he stripped himself slowly of all drag apparel to reveal man beneath.  Quite oddly poignant, really...  We cornered Vanilla as we were leaving to ask if he'd sing Starlight Express for us at Hallowe'en (when there will be a "darrrk show" :D) on the proviso that we turn up and bring lots of people.

On that note - everyone watch your mailboxes.  Invites incoming shortly re: Hallowe'en and my birthday.

Today has been spent entertaining my grandmother, which wasn't as bad as expected, eating food and watching Shaun of the Dead.  I am now going to go to bed...

Checking the UGC website on a whim, there look to be some decent things coming up soon now the summer's over and the crap's out of the cinemas.  There's Corpse Bride (look at that cast list!  LOOK AT IT!!! :D:D:D)  and Harry Potter, of course, but Innocence looks very very interesting, and definitely one that could have lots of good discussion afterwards.  The Roman Polanski adaptation of Oliver Twist could be worth seeing, too.

Anyway.  Got slightly sidetracked, and now I don't have time to do the other entry I was going to do.  Meh.

PS: mercurycirce: if/when you change your username, you'll have to email me or something, since my journal is FO commenting...
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More ghostly happenings?

Forgot to mention; possibly only of interest to bizarre_imagery and other interested parties...

Earlier today in the kitchen, we noticed that the LED display/lit-buttons on the stereo were flickering/fluctuating in brightness, seemingly at random.  We passed it off as a random electrical fault since the socket's not fixed to the wall very well (it's converting a double to a triple) and thought nothing more of it...

... at least until a few hours ago when Paul noticed that the LED display on my stereo was doing it as well.

Neither stereo has ever done this before.

So.  Electical fault?  Random localised power surge?  Or is the resident possible-ghost trying to tell us something?

Answers on a postcard...