September 27th, 2005

Photo - leaves

Nostalgia happens in large batches.

Person-nostalgia, this time.

A couple of times now, getting off the 101 bus in the City Centre, I've seen a girl getting on the bus who I'm convinced is Salma. Given that the 101 goes through Handsworth (down Ninevah Road) and she used to live on Antrobus Road (if I remember correctly) which is fairly close, it's probably her. She still has ridiculously long hair.

Whilst out at the Hill, I'm sure Mikey/Katie's mate was Sally Ryan - she was definitely Sally, and she could sing - but I'm only half-convinced.

A few weeks back, I spotted someone who I thought was Josiane (who only herringprincess will remember... possibly frightened if she remembers any of Drama Club) on a bus going towards Bearwood... and I saw her again this morning at the 11C bus stop at the bottom of Sandon Road. (I'm also convinced another old KEVIHS girl there is the sister of a girl I knew at primary school, as she looks a lot like her... but it's most likely not...)

Is anyone else going to emerge from the woodwork? You might as well do it now and get it over with...
Buffy - sanity

Amazon is the website of the DEVIL.

I went there to get Season 1 of Carnivale on DVD as Season 2 has started on FX and I seem to've misplaced my tapes... or possibly taped Jerry Springer: The Opera over them by accident.  Bought completely on a whim; I only saw the first two episodes, but what I did see, I really enjoyed.  Vaguely reminiscent of The X-Files or Twin Peaks in its style and quite promisingly dark.  So that'll set me and Paul up nicely for another DVD marathon or two...

I had to resist the urge, whilst there, to get Twin Peaks season 1 + Fire Walk With Me for just over £30, as well as pre-ordering the Farscape full-season box set that's coming out on 4th October - unlike the last one, it's got all of the original two-disc editions (40 in total) and will need a whole new shelf... and as a result I might sell my originals.  Except season 3, as they were limited edition...

...and herein lies the reason I have so much frelling crap lying around the place.  Meh.

Anyway, as a result, my wishlist has increased substantially.  It's highly unlikely anyone will ever buy me anything, but anyway.

I got my first ever proper BCC payslip today.  Unfortunately, due to the fact that the Council's internal post takes a minimum of a month to get anything delivered anywhere (I'm not kidding) it's been sent as a cheque instead, as my wage mandate form hasn't reached Salaries yet.  Bugger.  So I'll have to phone them up tomorrow and say "Yes, it's on the way, you might get it in about 2007..." - but in any case, I got £500 odd for my first 16 days or so of work, so yay for that.  (Would've been about £700 but for tax, NI and pension... bloody politicians.)  In my induction today, Carol W (whom I have an irrational fear of since Ye Inline Faga) told me that because I've been there a year she's starting me off midway up the scale instead of at the bottom - normally your pay goes up every six months to the next increment - so I'm getting more than I was anticipating anyway. :)  I'll take that as an apology for the constant fuck-ups in getting me in position...

Oh, we also attempted to book the tickets to London on National Express earlier, as they were offering 'fun fares' starting at £1.00... but they only let you order one at a time and if you order more than one the others are charged as full price.  We tried ordering them one after the other and on separate computers, but each time it increased the price by about £2.00.  Corporate bastards.  In any case, the tickets are now booked so we can get to London; my task is now to figure out the tube journey, hurrah!