September 29th, 2005

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A very Happy Birthday to both sicksicksicks and butterflyburn.  You can both have a birthday pirate, although I forget now why this tradition came about.  Possibly, it is all last_dance's fault.

My back is frelling killing me.  I'm seeing the doctor on Tuesday morning so here's hoping it's nothing too serious that will involve an operation.  If it requires a couple of weeks' bed rest, that's absolutely fine with me. ;)

I'm quite tired today.  Sleepy, I think, rather than anything else, and the pain isn't helping as it makes me want to curl into a ball with a hot water bottle (ooh!  There's an idea!  I'll attempt that tonight...) instead of stay alert.  Alas, I must pack for the weekend and remember to include such wonders as the illegal MS Office CDs for Comrade Tom and the CD copy of the Orphan Eyes hypertext.  I also have an MP3 to pass onto Skippy (87wt2gxq7) but I'm rather loath to use up an entire CD for that... answers on a postcard as to another way I could do this sans email.

So.  Some peeves of this week, if I can remember them.

Peeve 1
Managers who do not understand the phrase "Yes, she is in, but she's on the other line at the moment."  It's like all the words beyond 'in' don't translate...

Liz Hawthorne was off sick yesterday (I can't say I blame her with the stress lately of moving to Sparkbrook) so Liz Davis was covering for her.  This involved some manic running around by me first thing yesterday morning but it was all sorted out quite nicely, if I say so myself.  So, anyway, Liz D came over to finish up her paperwork and give her hastily scrawled minutes to me (I kinda missed those...) to type up, and whilst she was doing so, Tina Hartland rang her up.  In the middle of this conversation, Tina Roper rang up our office and I was the only one free so I answered it, and the following conversation ensued.

Tina: Hi, it's Tina here.  Is Liz Davis there, please?
Me: Just a moment, I'll go and check.  (I'm not about to transfer the call if she's not even in there, as it'll ring four times and then redirect itself to Amanda and the whole thing'll be ridiculous.  So I poke my head around the office next door to find her still on the phone to Tina H and indicate that Tina R [her boss] wants to speak with her.  She gives me an affirmative and attempts to finish the conversation with Tina H.  I go back into the admin office.)  Yes, she is here, but she's on the other line at the moment.
Tina: Oh.
Me: Are you on your mobile?
Tina: Yes.
Me: Can I get her to ring you back?
Tina: Well... can't I speak to her now?
Me: (Insert eye-roll here; we've had similar conversations to this before.) I think she's still on the other line.  (Random mumblings in here about what it was in reference to, a conference that didn't go ahead that afternoon that was one Liz D was covering.  Cynthia mutters the reasons why at me.)  Oh, that.  Yes, the child's now been transferred to the 16+ Team and nobody turned up to the Conference so it didn't go ahead.
Tina: (*sigh*) Can I speak to Liz, please?  (Because obviously, how would I know? Liz D calls through from the other office, "Does she still want to speak with me?!" so I yell back "Yes!", realising how unprofessional it sounds but, honestly, there's no other practical way of doing this.)  Okay, I think she's free now.
Tina: Can I speak to her please?
Me: I'll just put you through...

Meh.  Tina's always so bloody stressed, and she's one of those people whose stress just infects everyone around her.  I can think of at least three incidents when someone has told her the person she's trying to contact is on another call, but it never seems to register on any conscious level; either that, or she thinks her own problems are more important than whatever else is being sorted out.  But obviously, as a manager, her problems are more important than anyone else's...

Peeve 2
Stationery going missing.  This week I have managed to misplace not only my staple remover (which is bloody annoying, as it still hasn't registered with the CP administrators that anything needing to be photocopied should not be bloody stapled...) and yet another black biro.  There's a stationery-eating gremlin, I swear.

Peeve 3
More stupid managers.  At my induction, I asked whether it would be okay to send out CP minutes on white paper if such a point came that we ran completely out of blue paper.  We've managed to snurch some from the sub office but it'll take a while for our own order to come through, assuming the main admin office bloody well remembered to order it this time.  The answer to this question was conveniently avoided, as it transpires.  I mentioned that I was photocopying double-sided to save on paper, and was then informed in no uncertain terms that this should be done anyway.  Well, nobody told me that.  I've been here a year, for gawd's sake.  The reason for this is to save on photocopying expenses... but, er - and correct me if I'm missing something here - photocopying double-sided doesn't do anything except save paper; it doesn't create any less impressions and therefore isn't that much more cost-effective in terms of toner.  Right?  Stupid managers.

I think that's all the peeves.  I shalll now wait for my chicken kiev, chips and breaded camembert (oooh, get me) to cook.  Then I shall eat it, lie down, and wait for the pain to go away.

In other news, my Carnivale discs arrived today.  I love you, Amazon.
JC - cockroach OTP - J/M

It burrrrns us, precious! ear, that is.  Just finished an hour-long phone conversation with mercurycirce about nothing in particular, though mostly fandom and relationships (real ones, not fandom ones) and general nattering.  Random, but enjoyable.

I miss the days of extensive phonecalls to friends.  I wouldn't know how to get hold of most of them now...

Anyway.  This has now thoroughly delayed my packing for the weekend, so I'll do that now and get to bed.

Checklist of stuff

~ clothing, etc
~ MS Office CDs
~ Phantom of the Opera soundtrack
~ find my frelling deodorant, which decided to disappear first thing this morning
~ remember to unplug phone from charger before sleeping


I'll update Sunday.