October 2nd, 2005

SB - Max - Oy

MGM + weekend

Another weekend of drunkenness and randomnity.

Friday - MGM
Before the MGM update, though, another one to end the month of random nostalgia - I ran into Shubbie on the bus, who was also in my year and whom I helped get through her English Lit GCSE... here's hoping October isn't quite so insane with the random people.

This month's MGM took place at the Gosta Green pub near Aston Uni, and we're never going there again.  Whoever suggested it on the forum is going to get a lynching.  It's overpriced and overcrowded and the bar staff lied to us.  So there.

Nevertheless, it was a brilliant turnout: Roobarb and 87wt2gxq7  (who both left at 5.00 and were therefore missed), me, yoshi, metalmikey666, rubytitania, venuselle, raggedhalo and his mate, legs11, my_own_mandate, darkstar_1984 (who has been cyber-stalking me and Yoshi on LJ...), joetimewaster, Scooter, Richie, Tommy, Ade, Mitophus, temper, Kiwi, Helenix, and maybe some others... I don't remember, but the photos will probably prove all.

We had to move tables six times.  Firstly because we were blocking the steps/slope and were apparently a fire hazard, then again when we tried to move the tables back again, when the barmaid said we could use their 'function room' and push the tables together in there.  Thinking for a moment we'd blagged a free function room, we all wandered off in the direction she was pointing to discover another level of tables with a little dancefloor/stage area, with precisely one table left.  So we went outside to the beer garden, then moved again when some more people turned up, and then moved back inside when it started to rain.  Finally, we took over some tables near the dancefloor and stayed there the rest of the night.

Highlights included: the ongoing theme of Russian-ness (or Welshness, in Mitophus' case...) that seems to permeate the MGMs of late; terrible, terrible jokes from everyone; Yoshi traumatising Trillian, resulting in her running to me and demanding I slap him; Yoshi accidentally going into the women's toilets and not caring in the slightest despite the fact that about five of us just pointed and laughed when he came out again; Tommy being a total slapper; darkstar_1984 stalking legs11 and him being very unimpressed indeed; tattoo-comparing between me, rubytitania and venuselle.  I'm sure there was more, but I forget.

The night was very random due to the amount of people, and this was the first MGM I've attended where I've actually been awake, which was just as well or I would've been annoyingly mopey all night.  Paul, as usual, got drunk and maudlin at me again, but it's becoming par for the course.  We shared a taxi with Trillian and accommodated her for the night to save her going home on her own.

Watched music television, Spiderman 2, and more crap on ITV as usual.  The auditions are over on X-Factor, but it was the boot camp this week so we got to see a few more hearts being broken and another psychopathic woman who was convinced she was the most talented thing on earth, resulting in Sharon having to request she be escorted from the premises.

Chasing Amy and Mallrats and nothing much else, really.

In other, breaking news, just as my first wisdom tooth has finally broken the gum and stopped randomly hurting, another of the bastards has decided to emerge, so my jaw has been in pain for about two days whenever I eat or yawn or try to talk.  I've had to dig out some Bonjela teething gel, of all things, in an attempt to soothe it.  Meh.

Anyway.  Quite tired now, and should save my energy for my birthday extended weekend of much drunkenness, or, at least, for work tomorrow...