October 4th, 2005

Buffy - sanity

Insanity has set in.

Amusing snippet of conversation.

Phone: *rings*
Amanda: *picks up* Good afternoon, Child Protection & Review... Hello... Just a moment, I'll put you through. *mutters* Paul Burge, Paul Burge... ah. *dials*
Phone: *rings*
Cynthia: *picks up, looking askance at Amanda* ...Good afternoon, Child Protection & Review.
Amanda: EH??
Cynthia: What are you ringing me for?
Amanda: I wanted Paul!
Cynthia: He's not on this number! This is my number!

(All this whilst sitting not three feet away from each other.)

I have no idea how she managed that. Cynthia is on 3###9 and Paul's on 4###8. (Thought it best to edit those numbers out.)

Not to mention the giggle fit that ensued when the Conference rearranging went completely to Hell and fell apart.

I hope Tina Roper is proud of herself. She's officially turned our organisation into chaos with one simple move.