October 5th, 2005

Spuffy - numb


One day, I shall be in a mental institution.  And the cause of my imprisonment there will be this:

I will be trying to get to an appointment via bus.  I will have left in ample time to get there, and will have been delayed because of general incompetence, traffic, non-bus-pass-friendly buses and lack of regard for passengers.  And I will go insane and KILL PEOPLE.


The problem with the oven turned out to be that it was somehow set on auto-cook, which I only realised when I noticed a little flashing "A" on the clock.  Whipped out the instruction manual and it's fine now, and my fish and chips are happily cooking away.

Paul is due at 7.00 or thereabouts, assuming he's still coming.

I've sorted through my audio-tapes and put them onto the CD rack. They were taking up three boxes and are now taking up two compartments and one box of things I will never listen to again, including a Kylie album I was the proud owner of, aged six.  And in that vein of nostalgia, two young mums got on the 258 this afternoon with toddling Norfolk House School children in tow, and I couldn't help but smile.

The photocopier's still broken.

Nothing else to report.

Oh, except this: I have a hankering to make a CD/mix tape.  Who wants one?  State in comments your preference for CD and/or mix-tape and I shall inflict some music on you, make you a pretty cover, and keep myself vaguely occupied.