October 10th, 2005

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More ranting about that favourite colleague...


Because it's easier to blame the lowly typist, that's why.

Situation: today, there is a COnference taking place at 12.30 in Tipton. Last week, the Social Worker rang up to inform us of the address, which I wrote down, in full. House number, street, area. Since I can't change diaries (that's a personal choice in case I mess anything up, since everyone's so quick to blame me...) and can only read them, I leave the address with Sandra, who is on duty, so she can update the Chair's diary with the address.

So Sandra, in her infinite time-saving wisdom, only puts the street name and the area, not the house number. In my weekly note-shredding, I destroy the piece of paper I took the message on, presuming that all of the information would've been transferred to the electronic diary.

So, on Friday, Paul Burge asks me what the house number is for the conference. This morning, Sandra asks me the same thing and demands I contact the Social Worker (after finding out who that Social Worker is, of course) to find out the house number.

So I look on CareFirst to find out the Social Worker, which takes all of thirty seconds (maybe longer; the database is slow and irritating) and phone her, but she's not answering. After a bit more poking around on CareFirst I find the house number. The entire thing takes about two minutes, all told.

The plus side is, when I am similarly demanded to tell Paul this inforamtion, it's me who gets the praise.

But honestly, when will people learn to think for themselves? Everyone's been using CareFirst a lot longer than I have, but just because they've changed the layout recently (and made it easier, I might add) it's scared everyone into non-usability.


(And then, of course, I have to rearrange the filing cabinet again, an immensely complicated task which is explained to me twice, just in case I didn't understand it the first time...)
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Calling upon the Collective Brain.

While I wait for my fish-and-brocolli pie thing to finish cooking, I require suggestions, please.

Hallow'en beckons.  As most of you know, I'm not having a party, as such, since we're going to descend upon the Wellington in our *ahem* masses, but nevertheless, Hallowe'en is a time for much costumely revelry.

Here's the thing.

This week, I'm dying my hair RED in time for London.

On Monday, I'm hoping to get a pair of the black wings they had in Maskerade, if they've still got them, after I've got my hair cut a bit and straightened and stuff.  I have a witch's hat (well, actually, it's the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter...) and some cat ears and masks and various other random things lying around.  I feel that these Random Things should be put to good use on the 29th, so...


I don't have a theme this year, so all suggestions (within reason) will be accepted.  Please comment with suggestions, even if it's just generic "red-haired winged goth chick".  I need ideas, people!

Remember, for those attending my birthday shindig at the Briar Rose on the 15th (3.00pm onwards), if you're dressed recognisably as either Spike or a pirate, you will get a free drink from me. :)

So.  Comment, please!
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Listening to the lengthy and random selection of MP3s that Eni gave me back in June as background music and came to the three tracks by Dave Matthews' Band, the first of which, "The Space Between", I'd already been sent, ironically, by pandorasblog last June (close enough) and the second of which was "The Dreaming Tree".

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I want more DMB, please.