October 11th, 2005

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Well, at least I made it there this time.

Firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to pandorasblog!

Right, well, I finally managed to see a doctor about my back.  As suspected, it's just a minor 'mechanical' problem with my lower back, so he's prescribed me some Co-codamol (anti-inflammatory painkillers that I can actually take!!) to take for two weeks to see if that helps.  The Valerian was helping already, and moving files around yesterday, which involved standing on a chair and lifting heavy piles of files, seems to have exacerbated it again.  (Is that spelt right?  It looks wrong.)  But anyway, it's nice to know they won't kill me, at least.  All the anti-inflammatories say "DO NOT TAKE IF YOU ARE ASTHMATIC OMG!" but don't tell you why.  I've usually gone through a thought process something like "Will they kill me?  No?  Eh, I'll risk it... but then again, it's more fun to whine about the fact that paracetemol doesn't work..."

In the meantime, he also decided to do an annual-ish asthma check.  This involved checking my BMI (which is normal, though I am now apparently 10stone.  Meh.) and peak flow rate and such.  And apparently I'm not meant to be taking my salbutamol (reliever) inhaler more than once a day, and he can't put up my seretide (preventer) dosage because it's on a pretty high dosage already.  So he's referring me to the hospital's Respiratory Unit.

I am a freak of medical science.  Go me.  Pretty soon I'll be chanting "One of us!  One of us!" with great relish.

My initial reaction to this, of course, was "Bollocks!", as that's what the reliever is there for.  But anyway.

I recall when I last had a kidney infection and they gave me an X-ray.  They called me back for an ultrasound on my kidneys and also for a chest x-ray for some unrelated reason, which I missed due to getting the date wrong.  So, who knows, maybe they found something worth investigating...

Today has otherwise been uneventful.
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Snurched off krispen

- Search your blog archive
- Find your 23rd post
- Find the fifth sentence - this is apparently meant to say something about you.
- Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions
- Tag five people to do the same

What does it say about me that my 23rd entry doesn't even have a fifth sentence?

But, er, the entry was about putting Moulin Rouge! desktops on various computers.

So, that was rather pointless.

Do it if you want.