October 13th, 2005

Erik - blank

All, right, fine, ruin my fun.

First and foremost - the panic's over.  venuselle is back home and well, but I won't go on about it any more, as she's probably getting sick of it now.  So that's that.

Since I got pestered mercilessly and my idea of a dramatic hair-revealing didn't go down very well, here's a couple of hair shots.  jackiesjottings should be proud of me. :)

Collapse )

So, Skippy's CD is now done and hopefully it'll lure him to the mini-MGM/karaokeness tomorrow at the Hill.

Since I probably won't get to update until at least Monday, here's a lowdown of the days approaching.

Work as usual, then off the Hill from 4.30ish onwards for karaoke and Brethren meetingness, with possible Secret LocationTM to follow depending on how tired I am.  If I'm exhausted this may be moved to the following night.

More drunkenness with friends at the Briar Rose from 3.00pm onwards.

Six month anniversary, and my birthday.  You couldn't make it up.  So we're going back to Bacchus, the location of our first date, for a nice lunch.  I'm really looking forward to this.

Annual leave for three days.  Monday is to recover from the weekend...  I'm getting my hair cut at 10.00 and then going to Maskerade to see if they have those wings they had last year.  Also want to pop into town to see if they've still got that top I liked in the-shop-I-don't-remember-the-name-of-that's-on-the-corner-of-New-Street-and-Corporation-Street.  I am likely to fail in both of these tasks, but it'll be nice to have a day free.

London, baby!  Moreover, Phantom of the Opera, baby!  Can I get a "HELL, YEAH!"


Ah, frell you, then.  But nevertheless, OMG, Phantom.  In London.  Just.  Wow.  *excited*  Collapse )

Okay, calming down.  I'll be much worse than this on Monday.

Recovering from Tuesday, obviously. ;)  We're not getting back til gone midnight, and there's no bloody way I'm going to work after that. :P

So, there we go, a hectic few days coming up.  With any luck, I should at least come back to some actual work to do.  Today was tedious and tomorrow will be about the same, unless Natasha or Paul give me any more minutes.  I have lots I could be doing, but admin still haven't ordered us any more blue paper so I can't do any of my distributions.

Anyway, now I have to go and write an explanatory letter thingumajigger to go with the CD, so I'll be off.