October 16th, 2005

MH - kiss - K/Y

The Weekend So Far.

So, yes.

Friday's rant turned out to be mostly unfounded.

Karaoke at the Hill was fun.  A great turn-out from many Inliners, and highlights included:

~ birthday card off Mara.  Thank yoooou!
~ managing to lure Skippy out with the CD.
~ Yoshi failing quite spectacularly at karaoke once more.
~ Richie dedicating his version of Sid Vicious' My Way to me, although admittedly after the event.
~ assorted other randomness.
~ Simon's scary reaction to Hallowe'en in general.
~ many, many hats.
~ tequila!  And a subsequent lack of memory.

There was the usual dose of angst (this is traditional on my birthday), but I'm sure that'll sort itself out as and when.  Hugs to both involved.

Thanks to all who turned up. :)

Yesterday was more drinking at the Briar, though for a while I thought nobody was going to turn up.  But then herringprincess and wrysprygoat wandered through the door (bearing a Most Haunted Live 3 DVD, hence the icon...), swiftly followed by falling_softly and flatline201087wt2gxq7 made a guest appearance towards the end of the night, and my mum and David also turned up at 8.00ish.  Much drunken silliness, as usual.

I'll sort through the 146 (!) photos later on to sift out the blurred/indistinguishable ones and post them somewhere... eventually.

Anyway.  Going to Bacchus later, as previously mentioned.  It's cold in here.

Time for breakfast.
Random - Oblivion wheels


Bits of this birthday have been lovely.  Other bits have been less so.

For the record, presents received were:

~ Most Haunted Live 3 DVD (note to self: delete from Amazon wish list)
~ Charlie & the Chocolate Factory film cell mounted in clear plastic display thingamajig, sort of coaster-sized.
~ CATCF-themed chocolate bars.
~ Corpse Bride fridge magnets
~ some absinthe.  Yes, real absinthe.  It's not as green as I was expecting and the bottle claims it to be 55% proof.  It was bought in Devon from a little shop selling wine and various cooking oils and comes in a special little bottle.  Possibly I will never pluck up courage enough to drink any of it.  It smells of aniseed.
~ Shock Treatment on video, watched this afternoon.  It's so terrible it's actually good.  Not at all like I was expecting, either.
~ big fluffy chenille scarf, black
~ turquoise fishnets
~ a cake, which I haven't tried yet.
~ and dinner.

Most of today was spent lounging around doing nothing.  We watched the final two episodes of Carnivale (which ended in a cliffhanger of horrible proportions and I want season 2 on DVD now dammit) and Shock Treatment, as mentioned, before heading out into town.

Birmingham sucks on Sunday.  I mean, really.

Bacchus had stopped serving food just as we arrived at 6.00, so we went up the road to Bella Italia.  Which, aside from not being the plan, seemed a little... weird, considering the last time we were there.  The change of location has probably upset me more than it should do for the fact that I knew we wouldn't be able to eat at Bacchus, and I'd been really looking forward to it since planning it about three months ago.  Not to mention certain lack of attendance - moreover, lack of communication in regards to such - on Saturday at the pub and the fact that I had to contend with my father this morning, discovering that I really, really can't even look at him any more, let alone try to hold a civil conversation.

Anyway.  On the plus side, the Briar was refreshingly empty, as they're closing for refurbishment as of tomorrow and were only letting in families, couples, or non-rowdies due to the football (which was also, apparently, why the pubs were all closing early).

At least I'm not back at work til Thursday.  Frell knows what my mood's going to be like in London on Tuesday.  I've already forewarned yoshi that I may not be present on the coach home...

I think I just need to sleep.  Or something.