October 17th, 2005

Photo - leaves


Okay, I'm sorry about yesterday. I went to bed and had a bit of a cry and got it all out of my system.  Also had a very strange dream that I can barely remember (although I think it had Grace in it from Will & Grace, or at least the actress.  The only bit I remember was trying to find a house in the middle of a field, and she was very Southern and said "Oh, thayat's over at the ol' TC estate."  Quite odd.  Sleeping with the curtains shut does weird things to my brain.)

I forgot to mention another present - Jack Skellington belt, which I'll be wearing tomorrow.

Managed to spend about £60 today.  £20 on my hair, then £17ish in Boots on a new hairbrush (which is what I went in for), some of the posh Bourjois eyeshadow that I've been eyeing for ages and a new eyeliner pen as my pencil/crayon thing is rubbish.  Finally, £25 in Maskerade on some wings.  They look frelling cool, but don't quite fit through doors so I'll have to be careful and walk around with them on indoors for a bit to get used to them...

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So, yes.

Now I'll have some lunch, sort through the birthday photos, and put them into a webpage.  Joy...