October 19th, 2005

Christine - pity

"Stranger than you dreamt it: can you even bear to look...?"

So.  London write-up, complete with 14 quite boring photos.  More coming when the other camera's been developed, which will be mostly courtesy of Paul and mostly the same as these but from different angles...

We got up at 6.30 to get the coach at 8.00, managing to forget both London maps and my inhaler, though I didn't realise that until I got home...  I slept a bit on the coach on the way there (mostly along the motorway, as I was awake for civilisation) but was otherwise quite alert.  After buying yet more maps from a nearby souvernir shop, we walked towards Victoria Station and therefrom parted ways.

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So, not a particularly comprehensive write-up, but a very enjoyable day, all told.  I still want to move to London, and I have some bits of something going around my head that I should try and write down, assuming they'll cooperate and translate into actual words.

More photos coming whenever I get the camera developed, which will hopefully be fairly soon.