October 27th, 2005

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Getting in the spirit of things.

You'll all be glad to know that what I thought was the start of my PMT on Tuesday turned out to be the end of it.  In which case, the Valerian definitely takes the edge off by generally being more awake. But only just.

Last night I had an extreme allergic reaction to one of Paul's cats, which decided to come and sit on me for a couple of hours.  My cat allergy is a weird thing; instead of sneezing, my left eye just swells up and starts watering like crazy, and itching, so I rub it, so it itches more, etc, etc.  It was still swollen two hours later and this morning it looked like I'd been punched in the eye.  It's still significantly smaller than the right one.  Madness.  I'm hoping it does go away soon.  Stupid allergies; why couldn't I be allergic to something I don't like?

We watched Terry Gillliam's Brazil, which was... very, very strange, with lots of familiar faces. It stars Jonathan Pryce, and there's also Ian Holm, Michael Palin, Robert de Niro, Bob Hoskins, and various others. Jonathan Pryce used to be pretty, which was quite disturbing. I can't even summarise the plot except that it's set in some bizarre 1950s-esque future. Something of a cynical take on buereaucracy, I think.

As a result, I think Pryce is becoming one of my favoured actors. Since De-Lovely, anyway, and his performance of "Blow, Gabriel, Blow!". I'd forgotten until last night when explaining it about the interesting twist at the end, so may have to watch that again very soon...

Anyway, now the brain-mrrgh is over and done with, at least for the time being, I've suddenly realised that it's nearly Hallowe'en!

So now I'm in a rush trying to make an effort, obviously.  I think my decided costume plan for Saturday is to be "suicide goth", and will basically comprise the following: black pinstripe mini-skirt; spider-web/stripey tights; pinstripe corsetty thingumabob; black glittery spirally see-through shirt; big boots.  Also copious gothpaint and hoping to create slit wrists with latex rubber stuff (that I used to try and make a Bajoran nose, back in the day, before I bought a proper one...) and blood red lipstick, if itl'l work.  Going to wash my hair tonight, straighten it tomorrow and then attempt to spiral-curl random sections of it for interest, which'll probably fail horrendously but is worth a try nonetheless.

So tomorrow I have to go to Woolworths to find either black hair dye (for Paul's mime outfit - by the way, we have some white gloves)  or hair spray and possibly some fake blood, even though the city and its dog will also be desperately trying to find Hallowe'eny stuff.

And  now, to get you all in the mood, have some recipes, courtesy of Asda about 6 years ago...  Measurements in metric and imperial, but sadly no cups for you Americans...

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There you go.  I fully expect everyone to have made at least one of these by Monday.

Friday, Paul and I will be carving the pumpkin.  And not making pumpkin turnovers, because I have no puff pastry...  Saturday will be spent probably trying to dye his hair.  Sunday is meant to be spent making biscuits, as above.  This should be interesting.

So, yes.  My hair desperately needs a wash, so I'll sign this one off...
Photo - leaves

In other news...

I'm moulting.

I mean, really.  I've been jokingly suggested as much for a while now but I'm beginning to think it might be serious.

My hair is falling out.  More so than usual, anyway.  If I brush it there's usually several strands coming out at once rather than just a few, and my desk at work is scattered with them.

At first, I thought it might be because I coloured my hair again (4th time this year) and it does weaken it for a while whenever I do... but now I come to think about it, I'm sure this started before I put the new dye on.  It's worse when it's wet because the hair, again, is weaker.  If I brush it when it's wet the brush comes away covered in hair... and the plug-hole hair-catcher is also completely full.

Should I be worried?

Things to note:

1. My uncle (father's brother) lost all of his hair at the age of 14 and went completely bald.
2. I have been dying it a lot.
3. It could be yet another bizarre stress reaction I've just never encountered before
4. I highly doubt it is the Valerian, but you never know... it acts as a muscle relaxant, amongst other things.  Would that affect my hair?
5. I've been straightening it, although not for absolutely ages and never more than once a week when I was doing it regularly.

I'm always complaining about my hair.  It's thick and unmanagable at the best of times and mostly looks fluffy and stupid... but nevertheless, I don't want to lose it.  If that's what's happening, then Karma's a bitch, quite frankly.

I'm consoling myself with the fact that it's so thick that if I lose some it would be a bonus, at least for a while.

So, any theories/suggestions gratefully received, please. :(