October 31st, 2005

Photo - leaves

Hallowe'en weekend.

Quite an entertaining weekend, really...

Friday night was spent carving the pumpkin, and in doing so discovering that small pumpkins are very difficult to carve because you can't get your hand inside... and also the, stringy seedy bits are more compacted and impossible to get out.  But anyway, given the size of the thing and the fact that it was Paul's first ever attempt at pumpkin carving, I think between us we did quite well...

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Other than that, uneventful.  We watched The Wicker Man randomly on Sky.

Saturday was spent indulging, as usual, in old repeats of Catchphrase, which are now reaching the final few years of broadcast and depserately trying to come up with original catchphrases, most of which are just nonsensical and quite disturbing...  Anyway, other than that the majority of the afternoon/evening was spent getting ready for going to the Wellington.

My suicide goth outfit changed at the last minute to being a plain black dress, because the original outfit made me look fat no matter what I did.  On the plus side, I was very very impressed with my make-up efforts on Paul, and he turned out looking like a cross between a mime and the Crow.

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The white gloves looked amazing in UV light, too.

Wellingtonness was fun, at least.  Vanilla's show was excellent, as usual, Gobby Paul was wearing little horns on his head (they suited him rather too well) and even though the promised rendition of Starlight Express was forgotten ("I must've been pissed...") it was quite entertaining to see the terrified expression on Vanilla's face when we descended on her to demand she still sing it.  :)  There was a fancy dress competition which involved all those in costume doing the time warp on stage.  This was introduced by Vanilla pointing at random becostumed audience people, including me, although her exact words were "Not you, you're just fucking depressing... oh, she knows I'm only joking."  I really, really can't dance, even less so when tipsy and forced to (the Time Warp is my weakness, dammit!) and am now remembering the entire thing with mortified embarrassment.  Vodka = evil.

We also had the line of a song ("I fraternise with people I hate") directed at us...  And we made my mother bob for apples - she nearly drowned in the process and thereby deserved to win, since the bloke who did win cheated.  And won a Rampant Rabbit, which serves him right. ;)  I'm still waiting for her to exact revenge.

There was a very posh, very drunken bloke who got it into his head to do karaoke at one point, even though he hadn't actually put a request in, and also interrupted the start of Vanilla's act until she told him to "sit your arse back down".  After that I think he was evicted from the premises.  He was mad, though... really, really mad.

I think we left at about 1.30am or thereabouts, and discovered the following morning that Paul's phone had gone.  This is not only annoying, but just plain weird, as it was either nicked out of my handbag by a very stupid thief who left behind another phone, a wallet and a purse, or fell out in the taxi (no joy from phoning the taxi firm, alas) or as I got my keys out... and if it's fallen out round my house, it doesn't stand a chance.

So, yes.  Apart from that, quite fun.  Spent Sunday afternoon making biscuits whilst hung over.  Joy.

So, there we go.

This morning I got to work to discover there was a city-wide, presumably just council-wide, power cut.  No phones, no electricity, no nothing.  Unfortunately the clocking in machine was still working so it'll show up my shameful arrival at 10.00am, for which I blame the buses entirely...  So, yeah, that was fun, had nothing to do for an hour, and then the printer refused to function because of 'network connectivity problems'.  Good start to the week.

Things are going to be quite slow, i think.  I'm pretty much only typing for Natasha at the moment since Shafiq rarely gives me anything. Paul Burge has now gone off to New Zealand so we're down to two Chairs, and whilst I could be doing lots of photocopying, I can't because there's a stationery freeze and we have precisely one ream of blue paper.  Hurrah.

Anyway, I need to tidy my room after I've checked my f-list, so I shall sign this one off...