November 6th, 2005

Photo - leaves


I apologise in advance for any typos or incoherence; I've come down with a cold so can't really be bothered to edit.  Apologies also for the length of this...

Work was frelling tedious, as I had nothing to do for most of the day and the sum total of my duties came to:

printing off 3 sets of minutes/plans + writing up the whiteboard for next week + some photocopying/distributions + answering the phone.  For about 7 hours.  Yay.

There was one (in retrospect, quite minor) annoyance in the afternoon.  After begging, pleading and whining at admin, they provided us with some A4 refill pads, the kind that are bound across the top rather than along the side.  We normally order the side ring-bound type because they're easier for our minute-takers to use when in conferences.  So Amanda and Sandra were then complaining about the fact that they couldn't use the top-sealed pads in a hurry because it would mean using every other page (i.e. only one side of the paper) and wasting half a pad.  We do have some A5 pads left in the cupboard, though I have no idea why we even ordered those in the first place if nobody's using them; I think Zoe used to use them but she's now left.

Anyway, I've been suggesting that until they finally stop complaining and give us some stationery - and as I mentioned, we're allowed, by negotiation between Carol Wilkins and Michelle Floyd, to order essentials - they can use the A5 pads.  It's not the end of the fucking world.  Yes, I'm sure they will only last half as long, but there's loads of them in the cupboard and it's better than nothing.  Each time, this suggestion has been ignored, but whatever, I'm used to that.

On Friday, however, I suggested that until they give us some better pads, the only thing they could do would be to use one side of the paper first and then merely flip the book over and work through it backwards on the other side.  Perfectly simple, yes?  You'd think any suggestion is better than whinging about it, right?

No, apparently, not.  Because, according to Sandra, "that's all very well, yeah, but you can't expect us to do something when we're used to doing something else."

Fine.  Pardon me for trying to help.  I'm just the lowly typist around these parts, never mind that I have a BA and, believe it or not, a few brain cells to rub together.  But, yeah, because I'm under 30 I must be stupid.

Hence, I then texted Paul with something along the lines of "Remind me never to suggest anything ever again. >:("

It didn't put me in the best mindset.  Sandra was wittering about something for the rest of the afternoon, but after that it's like everything that comes out of her mouth is tainted and annoys me... she can be really nice sometimes, but when she's not, she's a complete bitch.  Meh.  I've also decided I'm not going to their Christmas thing because I can't really afford it.  We were meant to be going to the Thistle Hotel in Brum for a cavery/disco but it's a £10.00 deposit (which has to be in on Monday) plus another £25.50 or something like that, and now they're thinking of gatecrashing CM4's Christmas do, as they're going to a strip club... which, NO.  I'd invited Paul to our do, but he can't afford it either, and if he can't go I have no reason to go either, because I'll be bored shitless and very antisocial.

So that'll doubtless piss Amanda off, as she's been really eagerly trying to organise this and has had very little response... which is exactly what happened last year until the last minute.  She'll learn, probably, by next Christmas, not to try and organise anything when faced with the general apathy of our colleagues.

I headed out for the MGM that evening anyway, but I was feeling rather tired by the time I finally got there and was mostly antisocial all night other than a brief conversation with Laura and James Hill.  I managed to confuse Kimba by being a woman.  Other than that, it was a bit weird, and ended up with another Serious Conversation due to Paul being mopey and paranoid about something completely unrelated, and we ended up having an argument over loose change, of all things, because I was irritible and he was, well, pissed.  AGAIN.

The night ended with him wanting to go home, me wanting to go home, and a coin-toss eventually deciding that we should, in fact, go home.  We got back and started to watch The Shining in bed until both of us started dozing off.  I think that was the one pleasant point of the entire night, actually...


After a lazy morning, we had a fry up and watched Saw (nothing like I expected; very clever, and reminded me somewhat of The Hole) before heading out to the Briar to see off herringprincess and wrysprygoat, who are off to India for six months.  I'm sure they'll both have a wonderful time. :)

We left the Briar at about 6.15 with all good intentions of then heading off to joetimewaster's house for his birthday party.  We took a diversion to Tesco to get some wine (NB: Arniston Bay is a really nice rosé...) to take with us and headed to Bull Street to get the 902 bus, as instructed in his directions.  After hanging around for a few minutes or so I decided to go and check the timetable - and,  yeah, putting them all outside Black's on the busiest part of the frelling street is a really good idea, BCC *eye-roll* - only to discover that said bus ceased to run at 6.12pm.  Yeah.  Nice going, TWM.

We rang him to enquire what other buses there were, since the trains weren't actually working along that line on Saturday (yes, helpful...), but he didn't know... phoning the Centro Hotline didn't work either because we were in a queue (I suspect that probably stops at 6.00pm, too...) so Paul rang marz109 to find out what other buses went near there... However, after some discussion with an unusually helpful bus driver (they do exist!), we figured it would be pretty much impossible to get there and went back to Paul's house again, rather disgruntled and quite cold.

However, the evening wasn't a total loss, as his niece and nephew, Jade and Patrick, had come over for a bonfire and some fireworks, of which there were many.  Somehow, despite the fact that he'd had half a bottle of aforesaid rosé, Paul was designated as the chief firework-lighter, along with his brother.  I lost count of how many rockets we actually had, but they were all very cool and multi-coloured, and there was a mad round thing that set off about 30 in a row.

Unfortunately, the bonfire made it deceptively warm outside, and due to standing around not wearing a coat I have now come down with a cold.  It was quite nice getting to know Jade a bit better, though, and sitting watching Family Guy and American Dad (weirdest. show. EVER.) in the front with Paul and his two brothers...

Once again, we dozed off in front of the television, cozy between two duvets...


More laziness.  Boiled eggs and soldiers for breakfast - between us, we have perfected the perfect soft-boiled egg, which is a Good Thing - and then more DVD watching.  28 Days Later (again, nothing like I expected, quite odd in places, and the images of a deserted London are amazing) and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, complete with endless deleted scenes...  This was also particularly ironic in that the Scooby Doo section of the movie starred Marc Blucas as Fred, aka Riley Finn in Buffy... ironic, considering that Sarah Michelle Gellar was Daphne in the Scooby Doo movies.  And to top it all of, it's also got Eliza Dushku in it.

Anyway, I'm not going into work tomorrow.  Enough other people pull sickies when they get a little sniffle, so why shouldn't I?  Especially considering I'm going to be paid for it this time.  And anyway, it'll stop me infecting the entire office, right?

So tomorrow I will sleep in to try and kill this cold off, since I can't seem to find my bloody tablets, eat the chunky chicken soup I have in the cupboard (mmmm), and type up the introductory letter with the Angel five-season DVD set for rubytitania, because it's hilarious.

Meh.  Long entry.

Time for bed.