November 7th, 2005

Spuffy - with or without

For rubytitania...

...the accompanying letter from Joss Whedon with the Angel 5-season box set, as promised...

Note: will contain spoilers for those who haven't seen any/all of Angel...

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I love that Joss writes his characters like he talks. :)  That's why Firefly is so recognisably his...
Cabaret - Maybe This Time

Gah, the pretty.

In other news, I'm buying this quite shortly.

I know, I only just got a new phone.  But I spotted that on on Thursday whilst out phone-shopping with Paul and instantly started drooling.  It's quite unashamedly girly, but I don't care.

My mum wants a Lobster (my current phone), and after the fiasco when I returned from Uni when we both had the same Nokia 3510i, especially given my transitory preference for the subLCD picture, it was confusion waiting to happen.

So, I'm selling the Lobster to my mother for £45 + me-cooking-a-meal (I  bought it for £70, which included £20 of airtime...) which will pay for roughly half of the pretty new Siemens.

For this, I blame the vodka entirely.  Don't ask.