November 8th, 2005

Erik - blank

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I had a really good entry planned to go here.  No, really.  It was going to be fairly lengthy and involve bits of lyrics from various songs that appeared, in order, on my latest MP3-player tracklist.  But, as usual, as soon as I sat down to try and remember all the bits that were in my head, it filed itself neatly in the "I don't think so" part of my brain and refused to come out again.

So you'll have to make do with this rather pathetic effort instead.

I was meant to be going to the pub quiz at the Jug of Ale again tonight, but due to lack of organisation, bad weather, crankiness and general apathy, I really can't be bothered.  Lager is apparently preferable to my company, but right now, I can see why.


"I'm wrong and I'm sorry, baby..."

That's the only bit of lyric I can remember I was going to put here.

I'm going to bed.  No, wait, I'm going to phone Aisha and then I'm going to eat, and then I'm going to bed.

Edit: After phoning Aisha, I learn that the following people have been invited to our meal out on Saturday, apparently:

~ Crystal
~ Rachel
~ Salma
~ Gemma

She'll get back to me about actual attendance at some point.

Crystal I'm fine about. Rachel I'm somewhat dubious about as we did part on rather negative terms, from what I remember, and have changed ridiculously since being at school. Salma, if she can come, would be weird as Hell since I've not seen her since A-levels, but knowing Salma she's not likely to come. As for Gemma...

...holy shit. Just... shit. As if the latest bout of familial angst wasn't head-fucky enough, all of that has to be dragged up again. The last time I saw her she made it patently obvious she wanted nothing more to do with me, and it seems that Aisha's the only one she's stayed in contact with; she accidentally emailed me once with a mass forward and I emailed back to extend the olive branch and got no reply. As far as I'm concerned, that friendship ended a long time ago.

And I thought the nostalgia ended back in October. Oh, how wrong I was...