November 9th, 2005

Farscape - John&Aeryn - happiness

Things I should be doing.

Okay. Tonight I'm going to attempt something resembling proactivity.

~ I still owe pandorasblog a mix CD so will start working on that tonight and start thinking of tracks.
~ I might attempt some Raoul-esque preamble for the current chapter of Sweet Intoxication just to break up the E/C fluffiness.
~ whilst listening to the soundtrack, as I'm sorely overdue for doing so post-show...

Otherwise, I still want to try and do the following:

~ rewatch all of The X-Files now that my videos are accessible. I very very nearly rekindled the fandom last summer watching repeats on FX289 (now just FX...), along with building on my now-dwindling Most Haunted obsession, and I'd forgotten how much fun it was. It's something I really want to come back to with a maturer outlook, as it defined so much of my teens, as the series was so very clever in places that I probably missed it with the general squeeing...
~ read the Discworld novels whilst attempting to finish HP:OotP, as well as the drenload of Stephen King lying around on the same bookcase.
~ find Hannibal and read that.
~ sort Farscape videos into coherent order so that I can initiate yoshi into its wonderful head-frelling world.
~ upgrade the computer, when I have enough money to do so.

I think I'm going to fail horribly. In any case, here's some activity for the week coming:

~ Thursday - buying new phone.
~ Friday - going to the theatre to see Mrs Brown's Last Wedding
~ Saturday - meal with Aisha, etc., and then going to the Hill for marz109's birthday.

I want a quiet weekend at some point, please. Just Friday, Saturday and Sunday spent doing NOTHING.
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