November 10th, 2005

Photo - leaves

Argh, money.

Today was mostly tedious, with a smattering of annoying, and a periodic bout of randomness.

Tedious: I've had nothing to do all day except one tape, one letter and one distribution.  I would email Tina for more work, but the last time I did that she brought over Sparkbrook's LAC distribution backlog and I'm not prepared to do that again in a hurry, plus it'll take her a week to find me anything and by then I'll probably be bogged down in my own work again.  So instead I'll just quietly sit it out.

Annoying: I have been instructed by Sandra to keep a record of everything I'm typing so that in the event I'm off sick or on leave, they can all see, at a glance, whether or not I've typed something.  Possibly this is because someone rang up to enquire about some minutes and, rather than asking if I'd done them, Sandra decided she wanted something she could actually see.  I think Tina's in on this as well, though, so I'm slightly less annoyed about it, and it gave me ample chance to procrastinate whilst making a pretty table to tell them what I've typed, when and who it was for.  Hurrah.  I've even saved it on the shared directory and emailed everyone with instructions how to get to it, so there's no excuse.

Obviously, it's not enough that a) the actual things I've typed are saved on my computer, and with a little click of the mouse I can tell you when it was typed by comparison to when the Conference was and b) my memory retention is actually that good and I can pretty much remember which minutes I've typed and who for, especially if they've been having reviews since the year dot.  No, in the very rare even that I'm skiving off sick or on leave, they want reassurance that they can find a record of my typing.  I'm really starting to feel like nobody trusts me.

On the plus side, Amanda and I both still need to get our ID badges sorted out and they only do them on Mondays, so she's asked that I phone up to book us both in one Monday morning, so we can go into town and stay there to have a pub lunch.  I like the way she thinks. :D

Randomness: Someone - a mother, as usual - rang up today for Cynthia, but as she was photocopying, admin put her through to Amanda.  She was ringing up to complain about a letter that Cynthia had sent out, saying that it was "a pack of lies" and that the grammar and spelling were terrible.  It transpired she was talking about the covering letter that goes with the LAC minutes when they're distributed, which is, well, a basic covering letter... Cynthia's name just happened to be on the bottom of it, and even though it says in fairly large print and simply-worded sentences to take any and all issues up with the Social Worker, most of the time these people don't get on with their worker and want to talk to someone else, so they leap on the first other name they can find.  Which is what happened today.

The minutes, incidentally, are by no stretch of the imagination spelled or punctuated poorly.  I know this, because I was the one who typed them, from Natasha's audio, which, whilst sometimes incoherent due to the length of it (she's very very thorough...), I had tidied up whilst typing.  The bloody cheek. :P

I have a new phone!  *squee*  It's pink and shiny and sparkly and very unashamedly girly.  And as of 9.00 it'll be fully charged and ready to play with. :D  Whilst in Virgin and waiting for the phone counter woman to come back, I also did a bit of CD shopping and came out with:

~ Katie Melua's second album, Piece By Piece
~ Green Day's American Idiot, as I've loved all of their latest singles and have heard quite good things about the album
~ the first 1/4 of Paul's birthday/Christmas present.  He knows about three of the things already - two of them by request and the third after consultation - so I need to get something else as a surprise... bloody men being impossble to buy for *mutters*

Anyway, I'll listen to both of those when I'm less likely to get interrupted and not too tired to enjoy them.  I'm more awake today (as the length/quality of this entry proves) but not awake enough, and the awful bus journey home has sapped my enthusiasm somewhat.  I'd forgotten how bad it was trying to get home from Birmingham in rush hour traffic; it's bad enough from halfway down Hagley Road,  and that cuts out at least 30 minutes of traffic.  Insane.