November 15th, 2005

Photo - leaves

Studenty food.

For my tea I am having:

a burger-waffle-fried-egg-BBQ-sauce-and-cheese sandwich.

Mmm, grease not actually that greasy after all.

Just because I've got a proper job doesn't mean I can't live like a lazy-arsed student... :P
Random - swircle - pwn n3m0!


My LJ userinfo is boring me; it's too long, out of date, and desperately in need of a revamp.

But I've had it so long, I ought to keep it for posterity.

And obviously, the best way to do this is save it in JPG form.

Collapse )

Not quite sure what I want to do yet.  Possibly something clever involving tables to make it match either the layout or the website...

Edit, 22.08: Okay, new userinfo is done. Not quite as creative as I was hoping, but at least vaguely more informative. My creativity has officially committed suicide, I think. Meh. :(