November 24th, 2005

JC - cockroach OTP - J/M

A list of today.

1. LiveJournal not sending comment notifications is frelling annoying.  Unless it is, and you just all hate me.
2. Counselling is turning out to be quite revealing, in a sort of "nnnghIdon'twanttogothere" manner.
3. I have been writing again.  Quite randomly, at work, and part of "Broken Record" that I'm not meant to be writing yet as it's about 15 chapters away from where I am at the moment.  But nonetheless, it's writing, it's coherent, it doesn't make me want to gouge my brain out with a rusty fork when I re-read it, it's just over 1500 words, and it's Spuffy.  Or will be, at any rate.  Hurrah.  And, more to the point, I'm getting paid to do it...
4. I went into Waterstone's to get my mother's Christmas present (from the children's section) and realised, when faced with lots and lots of books that I suddenly want, that my inner bookgeek is still as rampant as ever, just subdued by the general meh-ness of life.
5. Travelling by bus destroys my soul to the point of nothing.
6. It's fucking cold out there.
7. We've been warned about snow twice this week and there's been nothing so far.  Come on, Britain.  Gizzus some snow.  I owe Paul a snowball down the neck.
8. H&M has more lovely stuff.  I must go on a shopping spree.
9. I'm going to Worcester's Christmas Fayre tomorrow.
10. The Frankfurt Market in Brum has exactly the same stalls selling exactly the same things as last year; this is disappointing.
11. I won't be able to go to darkstar_1984's party on 3rd December because I'm seeing My Fair Lady that night, if me and Vicky can ever organise it.
12. I might be meeting bizarrethe2nd on Saturday. :D
13. Apparently, they're shutting the Forum at the end of the month, because "it is not being used as we initially envisaged."  So, basically, everyone's using it to talk to each other about things that aren't council-related/council-praising/council-policy.  Right.

That is all.