November 28th, 2005

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Some things:

+ It's snowing!
+ A LOT!
- but unfortunately not enough that we can go home early. :(
- and I have to go home through town so I can get a bus pass, which'll take hours.
+ I have chocolate.
- which will probably make me sick.
+ but I don't care. Mm, chocolate.
+ I have decided to try and read The Da Vinci Code before the movie comes out.
+ it's nearly Oscar-time so all the good films are coming out in the cinema.
- I probably won't get to see any of them.
- Johnny Depp won't win anything.
- none of the films I like will get recognised.
+ but at least they're actually on.

In other news, Sandra further proved her idiocy this morning in a discussion about X-Factor, in that she's rooting for Chico. She's also been humming Shane's rendition of "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" all morning, out of tune.

Save me. :(

Edit: + It's getting heavier!
- But my colleagues are complaining. :(
+ My inner Kim Boggs wants to run around outside and start dancing, but I think that would get me certified.
- as would trying to take a photo of the car park with my camera phone... ah, frell it. *takes one*
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Tell me things...

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It has snowed considerably more here than it did in Birmingham city centre, but it still took me nearly two hours to get home... I left at 5.25 and got back about 6.45.  Bastard traffic.  I was waiting 15 minutes for an 8, then another half an hour or so for something that would take me home, since the first 126 that went past in either direction - luckily, homewards - was packed to the gills, as was the 128 I finally managed to get on...  Also, my trainers can't grip in slush so I had to walk through three inches of snow to get down the hill, so my feet were frozen.  I mean, I like snow and everything, but why does it result in such bloody chaos?

I mean, aside from the fact that TWM are messengers of Satan..

I have decided: every person who damns the snowfall makes another snowflake die.  Which is why just when the snow's getting good and pretty and deep, it stops again.  STOP KILLING THE SNOW, YOU FASCISTS!

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That's it, I think...  I remembered the other night that I'd started working on a PADD-style layout to use for my Star Trek fic-page on my website, so I might go and find that in a moment and see how it was coming along...
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A quandary for the HTML-inclined.

As previously mentioned, I remembered I was working on a PADD-background for my Trek page... so I found it and tweaked it.  This isn't the finished product, I'm just thinking out loud on livejournal.  I don't expect for one minute anyone cares, but I might as well put it out there for the debating...

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Thoughts?  Suggestions?

Nope, I didn't think so.  I'll go back under my rock, then.
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