December 1st, 2005

Cabaret - Mein Herr


Sooo yes.

The Forum is no more; 'tis an ex-Forum, as of 4.45 yesterday.  The last post was on Reginald Barclay's "Two Minutes Silence for the Forum" thread and was from Mitophus, who simply asked "Has it started yet, then?"  I don't think it could have ended on anything better.

We had commiseration drinks at the Trocadero on the road-that-Tesco's-is-on and failed completely to go to the Capones gig at the Market Tavern because it was miles away.  We ran into 87wt2gxq7 at the German Market with some of his colleagues, who told us where everyone else had gone.  There was quite a good turn out at the pub but I can barely remember who was there now.

I was tired and cranky; Paul got tipsy and started sulking (don't ask) and I couldn't get to sleep for being annoyed and upset because of said sulking.  So that was fun.

Today we had a 'team building' lunch at Pizza Hut, but since Tina H couldn't go she said we can have another one next week.  So I did a grand total of about 2.5 hours of work today.

Went into town post-counselling to put a hole in the Christmas shopping; also went to get some Christmas decorations for the office as we've put together a decoration fund for that purpose.  But as I got off the bus I was caught in the freak hailstorm and lost all motivation to go shopping for other people and bought things for myself instead: a pretty black velvet skirt with lots of layers and beading and lace in it, £20 from Mark One, and some undies from Primark.

And then got caught in 5 o'clock traffic trying to get home.

My theory that TWM are in league with Satan was proven again today, though, by the fact that I - and, in fact, a bus load of people - had to endure the journey with some squawking, loud teenage girl at the back laughing like a foghorn with her friends.  For about 45 minutes, in traffic.  Journeys like that are little experiences of what Hell must be like, seriously.

I had a nice warm bath, and am now waiting for food to cook, although aforesaid bath has relaxed me to the point of falling asleep.  So I'll sign this one off.